TCR Advanced SL ISP M-Sized With SRAM Red & Mavic K10

TCR Advanced SL in size M

The main batch of the TCR Advanced SL ISP special is arriving at the end of June. There are still some XS and S-sized models available. Not many, but a few. The M-sized bike sold this week. We’ve got an M-sized TCR Advanced SL ISP with the same components, including SRAM Red, and Mavic K10 wheels available right now. The only difference is that it’s in black and blue, as pictured above.

While I was thinking about getting the other model for myself, customers always come first, so I sold it. In my opinion, this one looks even better. This bike isn’t complete. In order to tailor it, you’ll need to choose a stem, handlebar, and saddle. We’ve got a full selection of Giant gear available, including the top of the line Giant Contact SLR garb.

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Giant TCR Advanced SL With SRAM Red & Mavic K10

TCR Advanced SL limited edition blue

Giant is having a special that was just announced to dealers. It’s for a complete TCR Advanced SL ISP bike.

The bike comes with the TCR Advanced SL ISP frame, SRAM Red, and Mavic K10 wheels. All for a very low price. In comparison, the TCR Advanced SL 1 ISP with SRAM Red and Fulcrum Racing 0 wheels costs $5,400 USD. This is also a limited version of only 60 or so bikes, so you better place your order in quickly, as I’m sure that they will sell out in a week or two. This price doesn’t include a stem, handlebar, or saddle. These items need to be added on top of the base price to get a complete bike.

UPDATE: We have some sizes available, from XS, S to M. Nothing else is available anymore. They are all sold out but I’m getting an update next week. There was also a mix-up in the price that was originally advertised. Please email me to find out more. Thanks.

TCR Advanced SL red

I’m going to get myself one as well. It’s too good of a deal to pass up, especially since I have been wanting a TCR Advanced SL for a while. The paint job is also unique. I’ll post some photos of it later today.

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