DIY Silent Computer Doesn’t Make a Peep

I’ve gotten used to my computer rig making lots of noise, when it’s totally quiet, it usually indicates some sort of a hardware failure. Some computers run 24/7 and generate a lot of heat because getting work done. While there are certainly some machines out there that have no fans and are pretty quiet, Redditor DeFex wanted to build a rig that was completely silent, by doing away with fans, and all other moving parts.

diy silent computer heatsink

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Acer Revo RL100 Finally Available Stateside

The Acer Revo RL100 Media center was released about 6 months ago in Asia, and we’re finally going to get it in the US. It’s supposed to be a digital media hub and is for those people who don’t want to have a full-on HTPC in their living room. The Revo RL100 looks pretty darn good, and is no slouch performance-wise.


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Acer AspireRevo: The Perfect Home Theater PC?

040809_rg_aceraspirerevo_01.jpgWhen you are trying to find a computer for your home theater system, you try and find something that’s pretty discreet and not too box-like and big. The trouble is that most computer cases are quite big, if you don’t get a smaller Shuttle case, and take up a lot of space. They also can take up a lot of space and can basically be an eyesore to an otherwise nicely decorated room. That’s why we think that the new Acer AspireRevo might just be the perfect home theater PC.

The Retro Mini-Media Center

011609_rg_retrominimediacenter_01.jpgMost media centers are small and black, which is kind of drab. It’s hard to tell them apart since they just all look the same. Well, almost the same. Media center PCs are perfect to plug into your home theater system to manage your movies and TV shows in digital format. More and more homes have them nowadays, that’s why I found this one so interesting. It is intricate and unique looking.

Lenovo’s IdeaCentre: The Perfect Alternative To Imacs or Not?


We love all-in-one solutions, especially for home theaters and computing. Things get complicated very fast, and not all of us need to spend thousands of dollars to equip our dorm rooms or home offices. If you are tired of you iMac and looking for an alternative, you might try Lenovo’s new IdeaCentre A600. That being said, the IdeaCentre does suffer from some faults. It isn’t perfect, but it’s a step into the right direction.

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