Cowon X9 Media Player: Easily Upgradable PMP

I’ve actually stopped using my 160GB iPod Classic, ever since I got my iPhone 4S, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for dedicated music players – if done right. While a lot of people use their smartphones to play their favorite tunes, others still prefer standalone media players.

cowon pmp x9 media player music

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NuForce Cube Speakers: Teeny and Tiny, Hopefully Not Tinny

Portable speakers are a problematic affair. You don’t want to buy something too bulky, then again if you buy something extremely portable, chances are that the sound won’t be very good. The tiny NuForce Cube speaker is supposed to offer three different functions that will make life easier for you to share your tunes on the go.

nuforce cube speaker mobile

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Resolution Audio’s Cantata Music Center: The 10,000-Dollar Media Player

Have some spare money? Instead of buying a car, or paying your mortgage, check out the Cantata Music Center from Resolution Audio. It’s the world’s best and most expensive USB-based Digital Audio Converter and can handle a variety of different sources, from CDs, to audio files stored on your computer.

resolution audio music server cantata center

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Marvel Digital’s Gadmei P83 Glasses-Free 3D PMP: Good for Your Eyes? Probably Not.

There are only a few 3D movies that I’ve seen that were actually worth it. Most of the others were somewhat disappointing, but check out this PMP that’s supposed to do 3D without any glasses. It’s called the Gadmei P83 PMP from Marvel Digital, and hopefully it won’t harm your eyes when you use it, because we’ve all recently heard the (not so) shocking news that 3D isn’t good for your eyes.

marvel digital gadmei p83 pmp 3d naked eye glasses-free media player

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Belling’s Interactive Digital Cookbook: Cooking Made Easier

100609_rg_digitalcook_01.jpgWe knew that when the first ebook reader arrived on the market, it wouldn’t be long until the digital revolution touched every part of our lives. It’s taken a while, but digital cookbooks are also appearing, and no, they aren’t just ebook readers, they are a whole lot more, helping you make complicated dishes in a cinch.

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mobiBLU: The UFO Media Player That Looks Out of this World

Everyone has iPods. Even people who aren’t Apple fanboys. Why? There are multiple reasons behind getting an iPod. Nowadays, you have a choice between the gorgeous iPod Touch in small HD sizes or iPod Classics that come in sizes up to 120GB. Thankfully, I bought a 160GB iPod Classic when they came out, so I’m happy. The reasons that I had behind getting another iPod were simple. It had the largest capacity in the smallest form factor. That being settled, mobiBLU’s new player is looking pretty good.