Comfort Cast Makes Broken Arms Look Almost Desireable

Whenever you have a broken limb, life can get quite difficult. There aren’t plenty of ways that you can make it better, however, sticking a screen on it and completely modernizing is something I hadn’t thought about before now.

comfort cast kyuho song broken limb

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Foam Injections Could Prevent Deaths on the Battlefield

foam-based product slows blood loss

Future combat medics could save the lives of soldiers, preventing them from bleeding out on battlefields, by injecting medical foam into their bodies.

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Dr. Smartphone: Apps & Devices to Track and Protect Your Health

smartphone health.jpgThe one thing that people are rarely without these days is their smartphones, which makes them quite a handy platform for all sorts of useful apps and additional devices, including medical ones — from a visual way of remembering to take your pills to health monitoring systems.


Rett Syndrome Could be Reversed by Bone-marrow Transplant

Molecular genetics of Rett syndrome: when DNA methylation goes unrecognized

Rett syndrome, a severe autism spectrum disorder, which affects roughly 1 girl in 10,000 to 20,000 worldwide, could be reversed by a bone-marrow transplant.

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Flu Infections and MRSA Combine into Lethal Cocktail in Maryland


MRSA, methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus can be even deadlier when it is combined with a virulent flu infection. It’s been reported that a family of five have fallen ill and three have died from MRSA pneumonia that took hold in the lungs and was inflamed by a flu infection.

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MicroCHIPS Wireless Drug Implant Releases Timed Dosed Injections


Researchers have announced that a wirelessly-programmed implant, which has been successfully tested in human trials, could save patients the pain of daily injections.

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Ebola Virus 3D Model: Staring Death in the Face

Made famous by its deadliness, the Ebola virus was first described in 1976. It was made famous by The Hot Zone by Richard Preston and some small epidemics that thankfully didn’t kill off most of the planet. While it never reached the epidemic levels feared, it’s still interesting to check out the intricacies of this 3D model of the deadly virus.

ebola virus poster 01

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EES Packs Circuits Onto Skin: Beginning of the Modern Cyborg

There’s a new process called EES (Electrical Epidermal System) which allows scientists to apply circuits and electrical components directly to skin, which could be big news for medical sensors, but it could also potentially lead to LED tattoos, integrated video game interfaces and more.

ees john rogers skin circuits tattoo led science

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Coffee, Food & Grad School

Another column by Robert Isenberg over at McSweeney’s playing a standardized patient.

In the thick of grad school, I have lifted restrictions on two things: caffeine, and food. I will spend any amount of money on caffeine and food, consume them in whatever quantity, because I spend dawn until midnight rushing from job to second job to class to home, and I never know when I’ll be able to recharge.

And actor-grad-students? No Danish or bag of Funyuns is too stale, as long as it’s readily available.

If Martha and I were artists, she would be an illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post, and I would paint watercolors of clouds.

These men seem less like medical students than aspiring movie stars.

By then, surgeons could still smoke in the operating room (one senior doctor once told me that he would balance his ashtray on a sleeping patient’s chest).


I had hobbled home from the hospital. Some neighbors wondered what had happened. I told them in my limited Mandarin about the accident. I hobbled back upstairs to my apartment and finally was able to put my leg up. My legs had gotten the worst of the fall. I must have somersaulted over the front of the car, as it had hit me at an angle, impacting my scooter and throwing me over the top of it. I remember waking up in pain with blood flowing down my legs.

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