Stem Cells Help Restore a Man’s Vision

Doctors at Toronto Western Hospital preform a stem cell transplant to help a patient regain their sight. Credit: CTV News

Taylor Binns began slowly going blind because of complications with his contact lenses. However, an innovative treatment using stem cells has allowed him to regain his sight.

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Radiation Exposure Could Be Countered By Ingesting Ex-Rad Pills


The US Department of Defense has been developing pills that will protect humans from radiation. The pills are named Ex-Rad and were developed by Onconova Therapeutics in conjunction with the DoD.

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Maggots Secretions Suppress Immune Response


Researchers have figured out how fly larvae works as a healing balm that’s been used by battlefield surgeons for centuries to close wounds.

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Practicing Meditation or Exercising Will Make You Sick Less Often


In order to avoid getting a cold, people can try to meditate or exercise. A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that adults who practiced mindful meditation or moderately intense exercise for eight weeks suffered less from season ailments during the following winter than those who didn’t do either.

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Reaction to Placebo Effect May Be Genetic


The reason why some people tend to respond to treatments that have no active ingredients might be down to genetics. A new study indicates that the placebo effect could be linked to a genetic component.

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Boys are Starting Puberty Almost Two Years Earlier than Expected


Currently, there is a scientific consensus that females are hitting puberty earlier than before, developing breasts as young as 7 or 8. Scientists believe childhood obesity, since body fat is linked to the production of estrogen, and chemicals in the water and food supply are the likely culprits and wondered if the same trend is affecting males.

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InTouch’s RP-VITA Remotely-Controlled Robotic Surgeons


Robots are set to enter operating theaters, albeit remotely controlled. InTouch Health Care is developing robots that will allow doctors to provide their expertise and care remotely.

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