o.d.m. Sunstich LCD Watch: Portable Solar-Powered Sundial

We here at Technabob have a thing for cool digital watches, and here’s another to add to our collection. The o.d.m. Sunstitch watch is solar-powered and features a display that is reminiscent of the shadow of a sundial. The whole face of the watch is single LCD display, with the solar panel presumably hidden behind the face. The overall effect is a muted and minimal.

odm sunstitch watch

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EOps Noisezero O+ Eco Edition Headphones Made from Metal and… Cornstarch?

Michael Young has designed the world’s first over-ear headphones that are made out of recyclable materials. The Noisezero O+ Eco headphones are made out of recyclable stainless steel, aluminum, and cornstarch bio-plastics.

eops noisezero michael young green sustainable headphones ios ready

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EOps: Sculpturesque Wireless Looking Ipod Dock


At Unplggd, we pride ourselves of trying to go wireless, as much as possible. That’s why we think that wireless iPod docks are really great. They cut down on wires and enable you to do even more cable management. The fun thing with this new dock is that it allows you to pair more than 2 satellite speakers. From what we’ve read, you can even control and stream your music wirelessly while sitting on you couch playing with your iPhone.

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