The Limits of Friendships

Editors from Wired and Vanity Fair take a look at personal branding through Facebook. Many people aren’t aware or fully aware that they over-share. Employers now Google and Facebook potential applicants to see exactly who they are. Over-sharing can complicate things. Just like real-time conversations, online personas should contain some editing.

Re: Twitter

I’ve been using Twitter for almost a week now. I don’t mind it, but I don’t follow hundreds of people. The conversation gets diluted if you do so. I do read hundreds of blogs and about a thousand of blog posts a day, so maybe that’s why I think that way.

Just like reading feeds, it’ll take a while before I find a balance in the people I follow. I like how minimal the interface is and how simple it is compared to Facebook. I rarely log into FB anymore and I only do so if I have to contact someone through that service.

I’ve noticed that some users tend to spam you. Once they do so, I unfollow them immediately.

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Flutter: When 140 Characters are Just Too Much

I saw this last week and I found it hilarious. I know that people are going crazy about Twitter, but honestly, since I quite Facebook all I have time for is my feeds and my blog. Anything more is just too much. Plus, I don’t have a cell phone anymore. I haven’t been on FB this year and my phone worked back in July ’08.