Triassic-Period Protozoan Preserved in Cocoon for Over 200 Million Years

Cocoons form to protect eggs and larvae, but they can also help preserve fossils for hundreds of millions of years. This 25-micrometer-long protozoan was trapped in the wall of an egg case produced by a leech between 200 million and 215 million years ago, during the Triassic Period.

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British and American Teams Hunt for Life Under Antarctic Ice


Next week, UK glaciologists are heading to Lake Ellsworth to prepare for a new drilling stage that will start December 5. They hope to reach the lake and start examining sediments to find signs of life.

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Deepest Scientific Marine Samples Ever Collected Show Hints of Life


A recent expedition resulted in a new world record for deepest scientific marine drilling, 2,440 meters beneath the seafloor. The Research Vessel Chikyu off the coast of Japan’s Shimokita Peninsula housed the members of the microbiology team that took part in groundbreaking leg of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program.

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