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Microsoft Surface 2: Cool and Expensive Enterprise Toy

It’s not only iOS devices that have a good grasp of touchscreen UIs, Microsoft isn’t bad at them either. However, there are only a few computers available that allow you to use gestures, and one of those is the Microsoft Surface. At CES 2011, M$ unveiled their next-generation Surface 2 tabletop computers.

microsoft surface computing touchscreen

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Microsoft Touch Mouse Will Bring Easy Multitouch to PCs

010711_rg_MSTouchMouse_01.jpgWell, it’s taken quite a while, but finally, Microsoft will release its Touch Mouse, their variant of Apple’s Magic Mouse. As many Mac users have noticed over the last 14 months, the Magic Mouse is not without its faults. It begs the question: will Microsoft’s PC Touch Mouse solve these problems, or simply create new ones?

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Prefer Office But Use Google Docs? Try Google Cloud Connect

112310_rg_GoogleCloudConnect_01.jpgGoogle Docs is the way to share documents between many people, but that doesn’t stop the interface from being quite banal and minimal. Some people love this, but ultimately, I like to use something that more suited to my needs. The latest Microsoft Word interface is good and it works well for many different uses. But how can you use both at the same time? By using Google Cloud Connect.

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What Microsoft’s Kinect Looks Like In Infrared: Spooky!

Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, you must be aware that Microsoft has just released their Wii-competitor. It’s an accessory that works with your Xbox 360 and it’s called Kinect. What’s really interesting is how the Kinect works when looked at with an infrared camera.

ir microsoft kinect video games gestures

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Can You Live & Work Without Microsoft Office?

110210_rg_LivingWithoutMSOffice_01.jpgIt’s hard to explain to someone who doesn’t use a word processor everyday how much some people use them. While some users may only use word processors once a week, they can be always open for some users. We can’t really speak of word processors without mentioning Microsoft Word and Office. The interesting question is, can you live without Microsoft Office?

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Microsoft Will Arc Keyboard After Arching Mouse

010710_rg_ArcKeyboard_01.jpgWe really liked the Arc Mouse from Microsoft, and now it looks like Microsoft is going to be arching a keyboard as well. It does look swell!

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Apple Is More Evil Than Microsoft

Is Apple more evil that the dreaded M$? Back when I was a developer, we hated M$ with a passion, but had to deal with it on a day-to-day basis.

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