MS Windows 7 Barebones

MS has announced that the next version of Windows will be based on a minimal version of Vista, by at least an order of magnitude. They have conceded that Vista is bloated.

Vista Failure Win 7 On The Way

Windows 7 might be available as early as next year.

More On The Red Ring Of Death Of Xbox 360

An interview with someone who knows more about the red ring of death of the Xbox 360 console.

OS Crash Repaired

I’ve repaired my crashed computer. I’m running anti-virus software and anti-spyware software to eradicate the infection. I’m thinking about upgrading to Vista Ultimate this week. I will see how it goes.

It’s almost 4AM and it has been running fine since 2AM. I’ve written about 1000 words on Symria, so I’m at about 34000 words.

I’ve updated my blog. That’s pretty much it. Someone asked me how I manage to write so much. I do work from 9AM to 7:30PM five days a week.

I just sit down and type really fast. It kind of flows out of me. I’m inspired by the strangest things. I usually have at least 6 or 8 posts ready to go at any time, just to be sure. The posts are written and only need to be edited. At the same time, I’ve got new photos, new art and other things ready to be posted. It’s just a question of being disciplined and organized.

OS Crash

I experienced some problems with our main computer today. Nothing big, but I had to reinstall windows, which sucks.

I’m hoping that I haven’t lost any data. Should be alright, most of my data is on separate drives. I’m pretty sure a virus is responsible. I didn’t get much done today. We went grocery shopping and I cooked some salmon.

I always hate when this happens. It happens on a regular basis with most PCs. This time, I couldn’t load the desktop, no matter how hard I tried, in every mode that I could think off. I was left with trying to repair windows with an old CD. Naturally I didn’t have a recent one since they didn’t give me one when I purchased my computer last year. It’s really annoying to do this.

I’m hoping that I will be able to recover some data in the \My Documents folder. I made the mistake of keeping some stuff there and not backing it up. It’s mostly little stuff, nothing too crazy like my stories.