Mine Kafon: Seek & Destroy Landmines

Landmines are a terrible remnant of war, and there are literally millions still left around the world that injure and kill people on a regular basis. This unusual looking contraption is a cheap way to get rid of a lot of landmines, which could allow local populations to get rid of many of them easily without risking more lives.

mine kafon landmine

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Digger D-3 Robo Tank Exterminates Landmines

While this isn’t something new, since the British developed these types of tanks in WWII, the robotic Digger D-3 is a modern-day take on the mine-sweeping tank. The D-3 is remote-controlled and will crawl around a minefield digging up up landmines thanks to its flail hammers.


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Dolphin Soldiers: Right Out of Cyberpunk

For a moment, I thought this was a joke because I clearly remember dolphin soldiers from a few science-fiction settings (Johnny Mnemonic, Ghost in the Shell, etc), like Cyberpunk, but it looks like that there actually are dolphin soldiers. Unsurprisingly, they work for the US Navy.

dolphin soldiers us navy mammal marine corps mines science-fiction

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