Rise Alarm Clock App: Wakes You Up, Minimally

While some of the other apps that I’ve come across recently promise to wake you up in different ways, this one strips away all unnecessary functions and goes down to the bare essentials of what an alarm should be. It will wake you up and it’s nicely designed. It doesn’t go much beyond this – and that’s a good thing.

simple bots rise iphone alarm app screen

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Nest 2.0 Digital Thermostat: Thinner, Hotter, Cooler?

Programmable thermostats are proven to reduce the cost of heating in homes but the new Nest 2.0 sure takes it up a notch. The second generation thermostat looks pretty good, and will connect with more heating and cooling systems than the original.

nest learning thermostat gen 2

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Weather Neue & Sun iPhone Apps: Minimal Designs, Easy Forecasts

These days, with the heat and the rain, it always makes sense to open up a weather app before you leave home to check out what the temperature will be like. These two new apps are elegant and minimal, easy to use and best of all free.

weather neue app ios

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TAKTIK Case Adds Substance to Your iPhone

This iPhone case looks extremely sturdy, and you can bet that if you drop your iPhone inside of this thing, it won’t get a scratch. The TAKTIK iPhone case is a robust enclosure that will protect your iPhone no matter what happens.

taktik minima iphone case

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Piolo iPhone Stand: The Littlest Stand

iPhone stands are useful, especially when they are small, portable, and well designed. The Piolo iPhone 4/4S stand is one of the smallest that I’ve seen, yet it seems to work really well when you want to watch videos or get down to business.

iphone piolo stand minimal

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Ledge iPad Wall Mount: Minimal, But Useful

There are plenty of reasons to wall mount for your iPad, especially if you want to use it on a regular basis in your kitchen to read recipes, watch videos, or to use as a pseudo-intercom in combination with Facetime or Skype. Most of the wall mounts I’ve come across aren’t that pretty. The Ledge is succinct and minimal, which is perfect if you need this kind of a mount.

the ledge ipad iphone wall mount

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Geometric Superheroes: Rectangles, Assemble!

Remember those cool polygon superhero images by James Reid? Well Rene Schiffer takes our heroes a bit further into pixel-land by using only rectangles in his version. None of his designs uses any other shapes but rectangles and none have more than 20 colors.

Rectangle rene schiffer superheroes hulk

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A4 Mousepad: Minimal Yet Useful Even for Optical Mice

Even though the vast majority of people use optical mice these days, there’s still a need for a nice mousepad. This stylish, silicone-based mousepad was created by the Chinese-Canadian designer Kitmen Keung.

kitmen keung a4 mousepad

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Bad Laundry Day: Crazy, Mixed-up Superheroes

Check out this series of amusing images that depict what happens when super heroes try and do their own laundry, instead of having their trusty assistants perform the task.

super bad laundry day 01

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Zub Zibi Zirc Watch: A Nooka Watch Not Just for Guys

Nooka definitely make some cool digital watches. They combine design with a sort of minimalistic appeal. This new one, the Zub Zibi Zirc, fits snug and has an very simple profile. I think from its looks, it’s intended to appeal to a different customer than their other watches, which have a tendency to be fairly masculine in style.

nooka zub zibi zirc 01

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