Atoms Express Modular Robotic Toys


Atoms Express Modular Toys are made for children and adults, to allow anyone to use these intelligent building blocks to create toys. Each of the blocks has a function, blue for sensors, green for action, and red for connectors. They will allow users to put together interesting modular toys, from motorized toys to iOS-controlled tanks.

Xi3 ChromiumPC Runs Chrome OS in a Tiny Box

From some reason, I like small desktop computers, not that I have one, but I find the concept useful and want to have them everywhere so that I can slave them into some kind of personal mini-botnet. The ChromiumPC is a modular computer and is the first “desktop” designed to run Google’s Chrome OS.

chromiumpc chrome google xi3 desktop laptop os modular computer

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Ergonomic Modular Keyboard Falls To Pieces

While this concept is a few months old, it’s still interesting. It’s true that ergonomic keyboards do make touch-typing easier, especially if you spend long hours in front of you computer, but the modular aspect of this keyboard is somewhat strange.

goran bobinac keyboard modular concept ergonomic

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Modular Fridges: A Great Way to Share a Fridge in A Dorm

09108designlab05.jpgWhen you are living in a dorm or with roommates, how can you divide fridge-space accordingly. Usually, if you are living with roommates, each person gets a shelf in the fridge. In dorms, we’ve seen different solutions, but most of the time, it involves mini-fridges in the bedrooms themselves. That’s why we thought that this Electrolux concept fridge would work perfectly in dorms.

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The Room by ODA: Perfect Modular Cubbyholes

041509_rg_theodaroom_01.jpgHow about having smaller modular rooms, rooms that can be adjusted to your needs? Adults love lofts and giant spaces. Kids have a tendency to dislike large open space. Most kids enjoy having their own hidden forts and stuff like that. That’s what the Room by ODA really made me think of. When I was younger, I liked having a small, personal space, where I could be well hidden from everyone. The Room is really impressive. It’s a sort of unit that can be used in a variety of situations. It can be used to create living space where there isn’t any. It’s a bunch of modular rooms which can be customized to your every whim.

Modu: The Incredible Modular Phone

030509_rg_modumodularphone_01.jpgIt’s kind of obscene at the amount of waste that we generate with our gadgets. Every year or two, we change cell phones, computers, laptops, MP3 players, and more. The trouble is that there isn’t much that you can do with really old tech. Thankfully, some companies have started recycling projects. I know that a few cell phone carriers who will take your old phone back and do something good with it. But what if you found a way of making your phone modular, enabling to continually expand in functionality?