Star Wars Moleskine Daily Planners: Your Lack of a Pen is Disturbing

There’s something I love about high-quality notebooks. They will keep your notes pristine for years, and can be easily referenced. Naturally, there are plenty of different good quality notebooks available from other manufacturers like Rhodia, but there’s just something perfect about tracking notes and events in a Star Wars Moleskine Planner.

moleskine star wars

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Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook Makes Digitizing Notes Easy

While you can take plenty of notes with laptops and tablets, it’s still convenient to be able to note stuff down in a notebook with a pen. If you’ve ever wanted to easily digitize everything that you jot down, take a look at the Evernote Moleskine Smart Notebook. It’s been designed so that you can easily transfer it to your smartphone.

evernote moleskine smart notebook

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The French Cover for iPad: More Moleskine than Moleskine

Ever since book-inspired iPad covers first appeared, there have been more and more available, including some directly from Moleskine. Personally, I like my iPad covers to do just two things: protect my iPad and double as a stand. If I’m lucky, there’s a keyboard. While it doesn’t have a keyboard, the French Cover looks pretty nice and it’s handmade in France.

the french cover ipad case handmade

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New iPad DODOcase: The Colors of California

With the new iPad’s imminent arrival, there are some new, stylish cases that have been made for Apple’s latest tablet. I’ve always liked the DODOcase, and the new version of the case comes in some eye-popping colors, which you’ll either love or hate.

new ipad dodocase

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Moleskine Goes Paperless with iOS App

Moleskine just launched their new iOS app for iPhone and iPad. It will allow you take notes with your favorite devices for free. Will it compete with Evernote? I don’t know, but I like the idea of using a branded Moleskine app, because their paper journals are cool.

moleskine notes app ios iphone ipod touch ipad evernote

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Official Moleskine Covers For the iPhone and iPad: For Contemporary Digital-Analog Nomads Only

It took a while for Moleskine to release their official iPhone and iPad covers, but they finally have announced them. Until now, only the Kindle Moleskine cover was available. Now, Mac addicts everywhere will be able to Moleskine their devices.

moleskine ipad iphone cover case notebook

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5 Unique iPad Cases That Stick Out

Even though designer iPad cases are quite expensive, sometimes a little bit of luxury is called for, maybe as a gift to the person you love, or just something nice for yourself. One thing is for sure, they’re pretty unique and they set themselves apart. With this being said, we’ve put together our favorite and most recent iPad cases.

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Moleskine Kindle Case: Another Great Way to Hide Your Tech

If you’re trying to find a great case for your Kindle, then look no further because Moleskine just came out with one of the best that I’ve seen: it’s the Moleskine Kindle Cover. Seriously, I love Moleskines and use them all of the time. The trouble is that they are quite expensive and I really wouldn’t have wanted to destroy one of my Moleys to hack a cover.

moleskine kindle cover notebook hack

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Sketching Again & Colour-A-Month Moleskine

Drawing I completed today¹

I currently use an A5 En Maruman 126.5 g/m² sketchpad daily. It’s the right size and easy to lug around. I also do my daily journaling in MS Color-A-Month. I haven’t been drawing as much as I wanted to over the last few years. I used to draw a lot when I was younger.

Peek at my library with lots of sketchbooks hidden behind mathbooks

I have a bunch of notebooks that are ready to sketch, though I am weary of starting or continuing my A5 Watercolor Moleskine. I feel that I need to rediscover and get better before starting on those. I’ve even got a big A4 Moleskine Sketchbook that I’m waiting to start. For now, the Maruman does well.

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Moleskine Mania Giveaway @ The Memoirs

I’ve received quite a bit of Moleskine swag from Chronicle Books for a giveaway to my loyal readers. As you might know, I love notebooks and receiving some free samples as well as receiving extra products for giveaways just makes my day. I was really surprised at how heavy the packet was.

There is the following Moleskine swag up for grabs:

-2 × Moleskine Colour-a-Month Daily Planner
This is a great way of planning out your year. You’ve got 12 small 3½ × 5½ Volant notebooks, each with 64p inside a handy hardcover Moleskine folio-type binder. It’s quite compact and retails for about $40, though you can purchase it for $35 in some places. Check out Nifty review and Parka’s review.
-2 × Moleskine Desk Calendar 2010
This is just a simple desk calendar, delivered in Moleskine style with a hardcover back and prop, which lets it rest at a great angle.

By China Guccio via CC license

Here’s how to enter:

№1 – Leave a comment on this post with a reason why you want these Moleskines and what you’d do with it.
№2 – Follow me on Twitter @ djrange and post the following tweet: Win Moleskine Swag at the Memoirs by following @djrange and RT

Readers who do both will get two entries!

There are no geographic rules for this contest. I’ll ship worldwide. Winners have 5 days to claim their swag, or it will be awarded to someone else. Contest is open until the end of December.