Ducati Monster 1200: Getting Faster By the Moment

I like how fast crotch rockets can go, but that sitting position will get uncomfortable pretty fast. That’s one of the reasons why I’ve always liked the Ducati Monster, which combines performance with a more natural seating position. The Italian motorcycle company just announced their third generation Monster bike.

ducati monster 1200 620x488

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Moyee Monster Chair: Get Gobbled up in Comfort

I don’t know why, but getting gobbled up by this plush monster looks more comfy than scary. This chair was created by Jason Goh and was inspired by a story his grandmother used to tell him about how fish balls would turn into a giant hairy hungry monster if he didn’t eat them up. Needless to say, that if I was a kid and heard that, I’d probably gobble up my fish balls as well. Mmmm. Fish balls.

fish ball monster moyee chair

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Diesel/Monster VEKTR Headphones: They Got the Beat

Sure, I like Diesel, but I never thought I’d see them make headphones. That’s probably one reason why Monster, whose widely-publicized split from Beats, provided the technical know-how to help make these. I’ll give the VEKTR Headphones one thing: they look unique.

diesel vektr headphones 1

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Monster DNA Headphones: No Beats Included

At the beginning of the year, there were rumors that Dr. Dre and Monster were going to split ways. Since then, Monster announced that it would no longer be producing Beats headphones and started marketing their own branded ones.

monster dna headphones

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Monster Energy Efficient Power Outlet


As a company, Monster is known for their cabling. They have now started tackling charging and powering your gadgets in an eco-friendly way with a new range of standby disabling power strips. The Digital Life PowerCenter GreenPower are aimed at being connected to your computer and its peripherals. Once you turn your computer off, all of the peripheral sockets get turned off as well. This first line has three different models, the MDP 650, 800 and 900.

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Samantha Power Resigns Over Monster Remark

Samantha Power was interviewed by Gerri Peev for the Scotsman and called Senator Clinton a monster. She resigned over the remark.