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  • Star Wars Identities: Darth Vader Does Rorschach

    There’s a new exhibition featuring some pretty interesting Star Wars stuff coming to Canada in 2012. It’s called Star Wars: Identities. You will apparently get to know the characters of the Star Wars saga “on a whole new level”. Whatever that may mean, the poster and teaser trailer they released sure are compelling. Read more…

  • Adapting to Culture Shock

    To say I’m disoriented is an understatement. I don’t feel like I’m any part of this place – just looking in on a culture and people I don’t understand. The streets are crazy – if there are rules, no one follows them … I haven’t seen one Caucasian female yet … is there a reason?…

  • A Green City Guide to Montreal

    City: Montreal Population: 1,906,811, Greater Montreal metropolitan area 3,814,700 Green Cred: Great green places to stay, places to visit, and sustainable development. Montreal is a mix of different cultures. Québecois (French Canadians) mix in with Anglophone Canadians to form a vibrant city, one that is filled with a great nightlife and things to do. Montreal…

  • Elsiane -Hybrid

    I just love the song Vaporous on their album Hybrid. For a long time, my roommate and I discussed if Elsieanne’s (the vocalist) voice was modified for her songs with computers. In the end, parts of the songs she sings as part of Elsiane (the band) sound too perfect during some pitches to be natural.

  • Spike And Cayenne Pepper Chewing On The Storytree

    I wasn’t really prepared to get my puppy in December 2004. I had to drive over a 1000km to pick him up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We drove back through Ontario because the streets were better plowed. I had a little doggie with me and he was cute. I had chosen the dominant puppy of…

  • Atwater Market

    One of my photos of the Atwater Market of my Subaru WRX STI and another Subie got included in the Schmap guide. Check it out!