Star Wars Identities: Darth Vader Does Rorschach

There’s a new exhibition featuring some pretty interesting Star Wars stuff coming to Canada in 2012. It’s called Star Wars: Identities. You will apparently get to know the characters of the Star Wars saga “on a whole new level”. Whatever that may mean, the poster and teaser trailer they released sure are compelling.

star wars identities montreal edmonton exhibition canada

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Adapting to Culture Shock

K2 Melody getting ready for a play rehearsal

To say I’m disoriented is an understatement. I don’t feel like I’m any part of this place – just looking in on a culture and people I don’t understand. The streets are crazy – if there are rules, no one follows them … I haven’t seen one Caucasian female yet … is there a reason? The pollution is worse than I expected. Imagine putting your head over a sewer on a really humid day and breathing in as deep as you can. That’s what it’s like here, everywhere, all day, all night … Last night I met up with a giant black and orange beetle. Will I have to learn to live with all of this? I can’t even cross the street yet. How am I going to teach little kids?

I no longer follow Canadian culture and news all that much, so I had to find about this article from Michael Turton. It details the horrors of teaching in Taiwan. Lindsay Craig spent 7 months teaching in Taiwan in 2005. She quickly escaped the cockroaches and went back to Canada, somewhat traumatized it seems.

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A Green City Guide to Montreal


City: Montreal
Population: 1,906,811, Greater Montreal metropolitan area 3,814,700
Green Cred: Great green places to stay, places to visit, and sustainable development.

greenbadge1.png Montreal is a mix of different cultures. Québecois (French Canadians) mix in with Anglophone Canadians to form a vibrant city, one that is filled with a great nightlife and things to do. Montreal is Canada’s second most populous city and French is the main language, spoken by over 59% of the population, but you’ll have no trouble navigating around in English. As the metropole of Québec and one of the largest cities in Canada, you’ll find a bunch of activities and things to do for the green-minded tourist.

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Elsiane -Hybrid

via Elsianes Blog
via Elsiane's Blog

I just love the song Vaporous on their album Hybrid. For a long time, my roommate and I discussed if Elsieanne’s (the vocalist) voice was modified for her songs with computers. In the end, parts of the songs she sings as part of Elsiane (the band) sound too perfect during some pitches to be natural.

Spike And Cayenne Pepper Chewing On The Storytree

I wasn’t really prepared to get my puppy in December 2004. I had to drive over a 1000km to pick him up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. We drove back through Ontario because the streets were better plowed. I had a little doggie with me and he was cute. I had chosen the dominant puppy of the litter. He was the biggest and most energetic, and I knew that possibly he would be a handful.

When I finally got my French Bulldog puppy that I had aptly named Spikees or Spike for short, he cried a bit because I kept him in a box in the bathroom. There was no way that I was going to clean up his business from our marvelous Brazilian red wood floors.

At the time, I was working from home. I needed the company and the exercise. I had wanted to get a Frenchie for about 15 years, ever since I had first learned of the breed in a book I had read.

I knew that Frenchies are a handful at home and will chew through some furniture. I got the idea of lightly spraying some cayenne pepper on the plants and the bottom of the furniture so that he wouldn’t chew on it. I gave him some cardboard boxes to chew. Since then, he’s always had massive fun destroying the cardboard boxes that I gave him.

Almost three years later, Spike is a maturing Frenchie. He’s house trained and amicable, loving the company of other people and other dogs. He always wants to play with other doggies. He still gets his boxes that he loves to shred. He has less energy than back when he was a puppy. That’s actually a good thing. He was all over the place when he was a puppy.

He has this funny quirk of liking to perch himself on top of high things. If he could climb bookshelves, I’m sure I would come home to find it on top of one. For now, he perches himself on top of the sofa, on the end of one side. He perches himself on top of the large mass of cushions that are all massed together. He’s a funny little critter.

Atwater Market

One of my photos of the Atwater Market of my Subaru WRX STI and another Subie got included in the Schmap guide. Check it out!