Olympians Will Live Longer Than the Average Person

Olympians Will Live Longer Than Average Person

Most medal-winning athletes returning home from the Olympic Games can look forward to a longer life than most of us. A new study has found that Olympic medalists live an average of 2.8 years longer than everyone else, whether they’re gymnasts, golfers, runners, or athletes in any other event.

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The Reasons Why Rock & Pop Stars Die Young


According to a new report, rock and pop stars die young. Many of them die from drug overdoses, AIDS or drunk-driving accidents. The study found that the average lifespan of American musical stars in pop, rock and rap genre is only 45. The average European stars die on average at age 39.

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Mother’s Presence Increases Survivability of Male Orca Offspring


A study of 600 orcas revealed that a mother’s presence increases a son’s change of survival significantly. The mothers are driven by an innate drive to ensure that they have as many descendants as possible, and this might compel them to look out for their adult young.

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