Moshi iGlaze Case for MacBook Air Lets You Change Colors Without a Paintjob

While I’m fine with the aluminum finish of my MacBook Pro, there are others who just long for the look of the old plastic MacBook again. Well instead, you can now customize the look of your MacBook Air by getting the Moshi iGlaze, which will change the color of your Mac to a nice retro white or black.

moshi iglaze black

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Moshi iGlaze iPad VersaCover: The Origami Cover That Goes Both Ways

The Apple Smart Cover works reasonably well to prop up the iPad, but if that’s not enough for you, then check out the Moshi iGlaze with VersaCover. It basically works in a similar manner to the Smart Cover, except that users can fold it in more ways to get the most out of it.

moshi iglaze versacover ipad

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Functional iPad 2 Cases That Allow Mix & Matching

121611_rg_FunctionaliPadCases_01.jpgiPad cases are a dime a dozen, but what happens when you need not just one to do everything, but a few that work well together. Trying to find the one case that will rule them all isn’t easy and we haven’t found it, but this combination of cases takes care of all of our needs.

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Moshi Moshi 03 Bluetooth iPhone Handset: Going Retro with Style

If you’ve switched to using your cell phone as your main phone, and you’re kind of getting tired of it, then you should try this  Bluetooth add-on handset/dock created by French designer David Turpin. It’s called the Moshi Moshi 03.

moshi moshi david turpin bluetooth handset iphone hands free

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The Voice Controlled Moshi Alarm Clock Radio

It’s just a fact of life: most people just hate waking up. For the majority of us getting up each morning isn’t easy, depending on the amount of sleep that you have gotten. But this new alarm promises to make life slightly easier, thanks to its voice-controlled features and lighting-oriented wake up technology which may ease the stress of facing a new day.

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