spnKIX Motorized Skates Let You Fly Down the Sidewalk at 10mph

Just what we need – a new way for people to injure themselves while speeding down the street. These motorized skates strap directly onto your ordinary shoes and turn them into spnKIX. These skates are controlled via a wireless remote, and will allow users to roll around at around 10 mph. I’m sure someone will hack them to go even faster.

spnkix motorized kickstarter skates peter treadway

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LANDBEARSHARK Motorized Skateboard with Treads: Another Way to Die?

Ever since I first saw motorized skateboards, I always thought that there were a really great way to get around. Now that I’m older and saner, I know for a fact that these contraptions can’t be too safe, especially when you don’t have many ways of slowing down. This particular motorized skateboard was created by The Miters from MIT, and it premiered at the World Maker Faire in New York.

charles guan motorized skateboard mit miters make

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Motorized LEGO Tank Shoots Bricks at Your Enemies

This motorized LEGO tank was created by Martijn Hellemans (aka “Dino_Martino”). He hasn’t posted any videos of the thing yet, but this bad-ass build is supposed to be able to fire LEGO bricks at all of your enemies, and even includes laser targeting!

lego tank motor nxt mindstorms badass gun

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