Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX HD: Battery Life to the MAXX

Remember when RAZR phones were cool? That was about 7 years ago, or even more. That didn’t stop Google’s Motorola Mobility division from trying to make the RAZR cool again, albeit not with its new moniker.

motorola droid maxx razr hd smartphone

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Motorola Lapdock 100: Smartphone to Netbook Converter

So what’s  a Lapdock? It’s a dock that will work with Motorola’s “Webtop”-enabled smarpthones. This is the mode that Motorola smartphones go into when they are connected to a TV or a laptop dock. The phone turns into a mini Linux laptop with a full desktop browser and more features.

motorola lapdock cell phone smartphone dock laptop computer

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iFixIt Tears Apart the Motorola Xoom: Is it 4G LTE Upgradeable?

As usual, iFixIt did their best to tear down the latest new gadget – the Motorola Xoom – the minute it was released. It’s taken a while before the iPad received any significant competition from other manufacturers. Will the Xoom be able to compete? While the teardown doesn’t answer that question, it did reveal one important differentiator – the Xoom may be upgradeable.

ifixit teardown tear gadget motorola tablet xoom

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Motorola Droid X Ad Makes Fun of the iPhone 4’s Death Grip

By now, you’ve surely heard all the hullabaloo over the so-called “death grip” issue with the iPhone 4, which has intermittent reception issues if you hold your iPhone “wrong.” thanks to its innovative, but flawed antenna band design. So it was only a matter of time before the competition would take advantage of this flaw, and that’s just what these guys did in a flyer for Motorola and Verizon, touting the new Droid X..


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