iSteady Shot M-27 Camera Mount: iPhoneotography Gets Serious

Are you having fun yet with the little add-ons that make iPhone photography just a wee bit better? Then check out the new iSteady Shot M-27 Camera Mount for your iPhone. It’s a heavy-duty case which comes with a 37mm wide angle lens.

isteady iphone camera mount 02

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Cup Holder Gadget Mount: Do We Really Need to Use Our iPads While Driving?

While I can understand the convenience of sat navs, using an existing device like an iPhone or iPad to navigate also makes a lot of sense. The only trouble that I see is that you’ll might end up using your gadget for texting or tweeting, and your car will end up in a ditch. For those of you who don’t foresee this as a problem, then the Satechi SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount is just for you.

satechi cup holder mount 01

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Articulated DIY Speaker Mounts: Tertial to the Rescue

111411_rg_ArticulatedDIYSpeakers_01.jpgIf your desktop is pretty uncluttered, then you’re probably trying to find ways to get rid of the last of the peripherals on your desk. Some people manage to fix their speakers onto their screens with a mount of some sorts, but we like this hack, which puts your speakers on a completely articulated mount, making them quite useful and easy to get out of the way when you want to get things done.

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