Logitech G602 Wireless Gaming Mouse Runs 125 Hours on Single AA Battery

Gaming peripherals are great because they are built to last long, since gamers aren’t always delicate with their devices. They also pack plenty of features, making them more useful than just plain-Jane peripherals.

logitech g602 top mouse back

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3D-Printed Cover + Standard Logitech Mouse = The Infinitely Customizable Mouse

Gaming peripherals, while pricey, are quite durable and full of features that even the sternest desk-jockey can appreciate. Recently, I saw a couple of LED-powered keyboards that had me drooling, since they lit up very brightly to highlight gaming keys. The Mad Catz RAT has always been an extremely good mouse for gaming, since it allowed you to get the perfect shape for your hands. If you don’t like to buy off-the-shelf peripherals like these, then check out this 3D-printed alternative.

statial shapeways mouse cover

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Microsoft Wedge Touch Mouse & Keyboard for On-the-go Computing

Microsoft has released details on two new products, the Wedge Touch Mouse and the Wedge Touch Keyboard, which look perfect for when you’re on the go and you get tired of using the touch-based keyboard on your tablet.

microsoft wedge touch keyboard mouse

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Razer Ouroboros: The Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse

I can appreciate a really good gaming mouse, because most of the time these kinds of devices have no perceivable lag and usually have quite a few programmable buttons. However, most gaming mice are built in dedicated versions for either right- or left-handed users. The Razer Ouroboros seeks to please lefties and righties everywhere.

razer ouroboros gaming mouse ambidextrous

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A4 Mousepad: Minimal Yet Useful Even for Optical Mice

Even though the vast majority of people use optical mice these days, there’s still a need for a nice mousepad. This stylish, silicone-based mousepad was created by the Chinese-Canadian designer Kitmen Keung.

kitmen keung a4 mousepad

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Study Measures Mammalian Growth, Taking 24 Million Years to Go from Mouse to Elephant


Evolution has its quirks, and getting from a mouse-sized animal to a pachyderm didn’t take thousands of years, it took millions. Evolutionary biologists have published findings in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have discovered that it took 24 million years to get from a mouse-like animal to get to an animal the size of an elephant.

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Shogun Bros. Ballista MK-1 Gaming Mouse: Made for Snipers

Anyone who’s played FPS games knows that they usually require a lot of precision sniping. That’s what Shogun Bros. were thinking when they developed their latest mouse, the Ballista MK-1. It was specifically designed for the sharpshooting FPS gamer.

shogun bros ballista mk 1 mouse 01

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Thermaltake BMW Level 10 M Mouse: Skeletor Returns!

Thermaltake and BMW’s DesignWorksUSA came up with the Level 10 computer case a while back. Now, they teamed up again for the eye-popping Level 10 M Mouse. The mouse was designed with ergonomics in mind, and looks like it’s aimed squarely at the gaming community.

bmw thermaltake level 10 mouse

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A Mouse That’s a Battery and Eyeglasses for Your Cell Phone

While touchscreens and trackpads might be what people yearn for, the reality is that most of us still have to use computer mice in some fashion. This is why Nendo designed this mouse that looks like a “D”-cell battery. Need I say more?

nendo elecom kandenchi mouse megane stand japan

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The Tale of Mice of a Different Tail

080511_rg_UnusualMice_01.jpgWhile there are a few touch-based input devices available for PCs and desktop computers, most users still rely on the tried and true mouse. Productivity and physical health can greatly depend upon having the right mouse in hand configured correctly. But sometimes you also want a mouse that just looks different…a whole lot of different.

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