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  • Batman 2022: Way Better Than I Expected From The Twilight Universe

    The release of the new Batman movie came and passed, and to be honest, I wasn’t that interested as soon as I heard that the titular role had been taken over by Robert Pattinson, infamous for his Twilight fame. It didn’t help the movie that it was about three hours long. However, it’s very good.

  • Externals: the Ultimate Marvel Shit Show

    This year hasn’t been the greatest for the MCU so far. With Shang-Chi lowering the bar significantly since the last few movies of 2019-2020, it’s been quite bleak. I thought that Eternals would be the next Avengers, but the bar was quite low after Black Widow and Shang-Chi. I was very disappointed.

  • Spectre Review – James Bond 24

    As I exited the IMAX theater, I left with mixed feelings about this James Bond movie. In my memory, Skyfall was a great James Bond movie, that I liked a lot. Casino Royale was also very good. Quantum of Solace was OK, but still not as bad as this.

  • Chappie Movie Review

    While the name of this movie is initially quite off-putting, it’s a lot better than that. The great part of the movie is to see Ninja and YoLandi Visser in a title role. However, they are playing quite stupid characters, especially YoLandi’s reasoning for kidnapping the lead programmer of the Scout police robots.

  • Diva Plavalaguna’s Song From The Fifth Element

    I saw this on the Internets over the weekend and it reminded me that I haven’t seen this movie in a couple of years. I’ve seen it a lot though, enough to know most of the plot elements. This song is hauntingly beautiful. It was sung by the Albanian soprano Inva Mula.

  • Pixel Block Movie Posters Offer Bitmapped Drama

    These funny pixelated movie posters were created by Colorado graphic designer Eric Palmer. While some may call them them 8-bit art, they kind of look like they wouldn’t be out of place on an a 16-bit system like the Sega Genesis or SNES. That being said, most of these movies weren’t even around when either 8…

  • Life-Sized Movie Replicas: From Thor to Green Lantern, Take Your Pick

    Do you love your superheroes, but just can’t stand the fact that they aren’t real? Well then take the next step by ordering some life-sized movie replicas from your favorite movies, in order to release the superhero inside of you! You can get a replica of pretty much anything that you’ve seen in movies, but…

  • Insane Action Scenes from India’s Most Expensive Movie: Endhiran

    I usually don’t go for Bollywood movies, or Kollywood in this case, but when I heard about this movie, called The Robot or Endhiran, I simply had to watch it. It’s kind of hard to describe, but suffice it to say that it is the most expensive Indian film ever made, with a budget of…

  • Black Swan Review

    I finally saw Black Swan tonight with the wife. I was happy to see that Darren Aronofsky continued his long-standing partnership with Clint Mansell for the musical score. Overall, this was an excellent movie. It was clear from the beginning, since I didn’t read any spoilers, that something was going on. The viewer was told…

  • TRON Legacy Light Show Hits Oslo

    Are you ready for this? TRON: Legacy is heading our way and you can get your daily fix by checking out this video of a light show in Oslo, Norway to celebrate the upcoming release. Read more @ Technabob