Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Review

It has been years in the making, but finally, this Christmas another Star Wars movie hit theaters. Since George Lucas wasn’t in charge anymore, and that they had managed to snag JJ Abrams to direct, I had high hopes.

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Brie Larson Covers Metric For Scott Pilgrim Vs The World

This is the official song by Metric. It’s an incredible piece of music. Compare it to the one that was featured in Scott Pilgrim Vs The World. That one was sung by the actress Brie Larson, best known for her role in United States of Tara.

Between the two, I prefer Metric’s. The reason is simple: Emily Haines has got a better voice than Brie Larson. Still, Brie did a great job.

Assorted Poirot Quotes

The last few seasons of Poirot were extremely satisfying, especially starting at about season 6 and going onto the latest season, season 12, which is still ongoing if you wanted to know. Things were slightly less interesting in the first few seasons, as I found that the Poirot mysteries needed to be resolved in longer episodes, of either 1.5 hours or 2 hours. The shorter ones are disappointing in the sense that they are less complex, less cerebral.

One of the reasons why I really enjoy Poirot is because of the complexity of the mysteries involved. Poirot is also a very cerebral detective, which makes watching or reading them most enjoying.

Superintendent, I have some very good news! It is that someone tried to kill me!
Poirot in Mrs McGuinty’s Dead

-I cannot say at the moment, I may be wrong.
-Does not happen to you!
-It has happened twice in my career.
-That’s a relief. To be right all of the time might get a little monotonous.
-I do not find it so.
Poirot and a DI in After A Funeral

What you make hop are the little gray cells and they speak to Poirot.

It was bad enough the first time.
Poirot, tasting the sandwhiches in Sad Cypress

I have failed to take into account the madness of the English palette. For gentleman, what we find, we find that we are entering the realms of lunacy. I do not care if our murderer had the palette of a master chef, he could never distinguish between these slurries. Non, it is a fact that these sandwiches are all but indistinguishable.
Poirot in Sad Cypress

Non, non, non, she was murdered, but not by these disgusting sandwhiches.

But of course Hastings, you want to improve your disability on the links?
Poirot to Hastings in Murder on the Links

Et bien M. Roberts, I will tell you the difference. In the will that is missing, you inherit a small fortune. If you can prove you are his son, you inhert a vast one.
Poirot in The Case of the Missing Will

Tron Legacy HD Trailer Hits The Web

Between you and me, Tron was a great movie. I really liked it. Unlike some movies, it stands the test of time pretty well. When I recently watched it again, and I wasn’t disappointed. Today, a new Tron Legacy trailer was leaked on the internet in full HD. Check out those shiny new light cycles!

tron legacy movie trailer science fiction retro

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Horses & Thunder NSFW

This quote could be offensive to some readers, but it was just the highlight of a mediocre movie.

No it’s not, you horse-humping bitch. But it will be in a few seconds from now. See that tickle that you’re feeling in the back of your throat right now. That’s atomized colloidal silver. It’s being pumped through the building’s air conditioning system, you cock-juggling thundercunt!
Hannibal King in Blade Trinity to Danica Talos, a vampire

The Deeper Meaning of Star Wars

Ethan Gilsdorf examines our faith in the Force.

I spent quite a bit of my youth watching Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi monthly with my little sister. I still know most of the dialogue by heart. George Lucas spoiled part of this sense of wonder by trying to change the original movies in their numerous re-editions. I only like the original versions, none of that CGI bull crap for me.

Still, I have to say that I watch Revenge of the Sith almost once every four to six months. It is undoubtedly the best of the new trilogy. I have trouble comparing it to the older trilogy. As with the original one, there is some shoddy acting, especially by Hayden Christensen. He delivers some of his lines with no emotion, and that’s really annoying at times.

When I watch Attack of the Clones, I have to fast forward those annoying bits where Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen fall in love and all of that BS. Let’s not even talk about Jar-Jar.

Modern Movies Get The Atari 2600 Treatment

Penney Design has put a really cool spin on movie poster art. It’s kind of cool to see how these movie concepts are just reduced to a few simple pixels on an Atari old video game box.

avatar snakes on a plane cloverfield prison break penney design games

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