My Tech Top 10: Range

122712_rg_MyTechTop10_01.jpgMany things changed for me in 2012: I’ve become tech bilingual, continued working with Apple devices, while still firmly using PC at home. I’ve become smarter about upgrading tech, ensuring the upgrade cycle doesn’t cost too much, while continuing to optimize my daily workflow so that I’m more productive each day…



Safari on OS X & Firefox 4 on OS X and Windows 7

Like a few users, I got Firefox 4 a day early and started using it immediately on my computers. It’s my main browser on Windows and I use it also on my mac. I tend to use Safari a lot for short queries.

Firefox 4


  • Speed. It’s darn fast. They say between 3× to 6× faster than the previous version. I have to agree.
  • Streamlined minimal interface: really nice to have something with a low footprint, that doesn’t get in the way of browsing.
  • Back button history list: you can access this by right-clicking the back button. I use it often enough and I had to Google how to find it again.


  • Not compatible with some of my add ons and extensions, including Skype (which they’ll probably fix), Delicious (which they won’t, ie sunsetting!), DevonThinkPro, and Kaspersky URL Advisor (which I don’t really use).



  • When I type in an address and it recognizes it from the history, I only have to hit enter to go to it. In Firefox, I have to select it with the arrow key first.
  • The most visited gallery reminds me of Chrome, but it’s pretty good to have it open by default.


  • Safari doesn’t remember the zoom level for webpages, as Firefox does. It’s a pain to have to do this manually every single time.

Firefox Halloween Costume: Gimme Some Mo, Zilla

My Halloween dress up duties have thankfully already passed, but for some people, the big night out is coming up this Saturday. This Halloween, I’ve seen some really interesting costumes, including this Mozilla Firefox costume. It actually looks cute, which is a bonus.


Read more @ Technabob

Mozilla Phone: The Ultimate Phone

020509_rg_mozillaphone_01.jpgIt looks like Crackberry addicts are going to get their perfect phone. It combines OLED keys, like the ones on the ultimate keyboard from Art Lebedev, the Optimus, and a Blackberry. The designs are strikingly interesting, since the keys can display different information, therefore take different functionalities in different environments. While you use a calculator, numbers would appear. While navigating the internet, popular navigation icons would appear and while chatting, a full QWERTY would appear. Nifty!

Save Session

I found this little FF addon very useful when you have to restart your browser and you want to keep all of your tabs saved.

Firefox 3.0 Easter Egg

Type in “about:robots” into the Firefox 3 address bar to see an easter egg.

Firefox 3 Vs Safari 3

John Gruber of Daring Fireball has gone back to Safari 3 after a few weeks of using the new FIrefox 3 beta. He reviews the differences in his latest post.

No Squint

No Squint is a great little add-on for your Firefox browser. It zooms the whole web page.

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