MakerBot Mixtape: 3D Print an MP3 Player

Using cassettes to create mixtapes was a fun time to spend an afternoon when you were a kid. There’s something oddly pleasing about this analog media format. Thankfully, if you’ve got a MakerBot in your shed, you can make a modern version of the mixtape, by 3D printing an MP3 player in the shape of a cassette.

makerbot mixtape 3d printed mp3 player

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CeraAIR Two AirPlay Speakers Look Good; Hopefully They Sound that Way Too

Cheap speaker docks for your mobile device might do the trick for a while, but sooner or later you’ll want a solution that looks good and produces great sound. The new CeraAIR Two speakers are quite fetching, and they are AirPlay compatible, so you can stream music wirelessly from your iOS device or via iTunes. Plus, they seem to have solid audio specs.

CeraAIR dock speaker wireless red

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Grace Digital Eco Pod: The Rugged Gadget Case You’ve Been Yearning for

Take a few minutes and ponder how many times you’ve dropped your gadgets. It’s probably quite a few times, and believe me after a while, you’ll end up breaking them, no matter what the manufacturer promises. This new case from Grace Digital should help keep your gadgets in tip-top shape.

grace digital eco pod case waterproof shock proof indestructible iphone android

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LEGO Boombox and MP3 Players: Cheap and Ready For Your Kids

041709_rg_lego_mp3_boombox_01.jpgIf you are looking for some great gadgets for your kids, look no further because LEGO has teamed up with Digital Blue to produce some LEGO themed devices. They aren’t fancy, but they sure get the job done. It’s really cool that even if your kid loses an MP3 player, it won’t break the bank. That’s right, these gadgets are affordable and you won’t have problems purchasing another one if that happens. Plus, they’ll bring back a load of memories.

Re-iStick: Putting the New iPod Shuffle to Shame

031709_rg_istick_01.jpgWith all of the hoopla about the new iPod Shuffle, you’re probably wondering if you’ll get one. iPods are a great way to listen to music, even though I don’t like iTunes that much. I’ve had an iPod Classic 160GB for about a year now and I’m satisfied with it. The iPod before lasted for about 5 years before the battery stopped working. I don’t plan on getting an iPod Shuffle, really what would be the point? I’d only change if I got more space for music and a widescreen touch display on the same iPod. That doesn’t stop designers from trying to come up with better concepts to beat Apple’s.

Boombox Backpack: Rock Your Way Back To School


Looking for a cool way to dock your iPod at school? Wish you had a way to share your tunes with your friends at a keg party? Search no more, the Reppo II will dock your MP3 player in a conveniently portable format. It’s a dock that’s a backpack. The Reppo II is a hardshell boombox backpack with integrated speakers and a high-quality digital amplifier.

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