Sony NWZ-W273 Waterproof Walkman Lets You Swim with Your Tunes

If I didn’t have my music when I was running, I probably would have trouble with boredom and motivation, especially because I usually run by myself. So I can imagine the same holds true for any sort of distance swimming. Swimmers rejoice and check out Sony’s new sports MP3 player, that’s completely waterproof.

sony waterproof nwz z27 music player

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Cowon X9 Media Player: Easily Upgradable PMP

I’ve actually stopped using my 160GB iPod Classic, ever since I got my iPhone 4S, but that doesn’t mean that there’s no room for dedicated music players – if done right. While a lot of people use their smartphones to play their favorite tunes, others still prefer standalone media players.

cowon pmp x9 media player music

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Scosche boomCAN Speakers: Campbell’s Soup Sold Seperately

While I can’t say for sure that I will never use portable speakers on my laptop or tablets, I probably won’t since I prefer using hi-fi headphones instead. But if you prefer to share your sound on the go, these portable speakers from Scosche have an interesting design and look pretty unique.

scosche boomcan speaker portable media laptop netbook tablet

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Trembo Trunks: Speakers Powered by Earbuds

We’ve all been in a situation where you don’t have any power and you’d like to listen to some tunes. It looks like the Trembo Trunks kickstarter project is seeking to remedy the situation by offering these new powerless speakers.

trembo trunks powerless speakers music audio mp3

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Plug & Player: The MP3 Player That’s a Plug

It’s true that MP3 players are getting smaller and smaller, so I suppose this is one of the reasons why Korean designer Giha Woo decided that a proper MP3 player could easily fit into its own charging plug.

giha woo plug and player mp3 concept design audio

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Audiobot Speaker Wears Ski Hat to Keep Its Sounds Nice, Warm and Muffled

If you’re at the point that you need your computer accessories to get dressed up, then you’ve got a problem. Sure I like hats, but putting one on a USB speakers seems slightly strange to me.


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Reasons Why the iPod Is Still Our Favorite Music Player

113010_rg_IpodLove_01.jpgApple iPods have been around for a long time and we’ve been using them for years. We’d argue iPods remain the music player to beat when you’re shopping for new media players, since they’re easy to use and offer lots of storage space. Here are some of the reasons why iPods are still our favorite music players.

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iPod Touch With 2MP Camera Leaked

The one thing that most people mention when talking about the iPod Touch and the iPad is the lack of a camera. It seems like everyone is going to be happy about the iPod Touch, since there are reports surfacing from Vietnam that an iPod Touch will have a 2MP camera in its next iteration.

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Dadahack’s TAP3 Is A Great Cassette Tape MP3 Player

We really love cassette tapes. They hearken back to mixed tapes and when music was still plainly analog. However, with iPods, iTunes, and MP3s, it’s hard to remind ourselves how things were before we downloaded music onto our MP3 players. TAP3 is a neat-looking MP3 player that’s got a bunch of different uses.

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Origami Mp3 Player Lets You Fold ‘n Play Your Tunes

This new mp3 player concept lets you play with its shape in order to come up with the icons that you need in order to control your music. It’s called the Play Mp3 Player.

play mp3 player origami design concept mobile

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