2010 Scott Spark RC

2010 Scott Spark RC

If you’re looking for an XC racing thoroughbred, then look no further than the Scott Spark RC. This year, the RC and LTD models come with an ISP, something that sets these bikes apart from the rest. This is the 2nd year that the ISP frames are available. The Yeti ASR Carbon has also been sporting an ISP for a few years.

Some people have commented on this white tire look, but I actually like it. It sets it apart. It’s kind of like the gray or slightly blue tires that I’ve seen on some MTBs. The stock Spark RC has a full SRAM XX group, which is great.

[Update: I’ve also got some great prices on the stock 2010 Scott Spark RC. Stock MSRP is $8,250 USD. I’ve got it for significantly cheaper. The stock Spark RC is BB30.]

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2010 Scott Genius

2010 Scott Genius LTD

Ever since I started mountain biking, I’ve always wanted a Scott Genius. It’s been a favorite, though it couldn’t be sold in the US for a few years due to some legal issues with Specialized. Last year, the Genius LTD retailed for over $13,000 USD, making it an extremely expensive MTB. This year, the prices have dropped by almost $3,000 on the LTD. However, looking through the specs, I find it surprising that they didn’t use the full SRAM XX group. Maybe there is a reason behind it, but I’d rather equip my Genius the way I want.

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Cannondale’s Simon Advanced Electronic Lefty Fork

Cannondale's Lefty Simon Electronic Fork

At CES, there are gadgets. None of the gadgets amazed me as much as Cannondale’s electronic fork. Suspension forks are one of the most important features of MTBs. Just like Shimano came up with Di2 for road bikes and triathlon bikes, this kind of electronic fork will change MTB.


It’s kind of a smart fork that does all of the adjustments to your fork electronically, so that you don’t have to worry about it. Pretty cool. Scott has already got a remote lockout button on their high-end MTB like the Genius as well as some of the high-end forks like the RockShox SID XX, it won’t take long for these to be integrated into MTB.

I am a bit surprised that they replaced all of the innards of the lefty suspension fork with only one electronic valve. That doesn’t seem prudent to me. Personally, I’d like to see a top of the line fork with electronic components, like sensors and accelerometers, to do what the Simon does.

2010 Giant Glory DH

NSMB have their own intial thoughts about the new ’10 Glory DH from Giant. It’s basically a new bike with a lot of weight savings and 8″ of travel, down from 8.8″. Weight weenies can pull the weight of this DH bike down to about 36lbs, but stock weight is 37.9lbs, which is good for a DH bike.

Giant’s 2010 MTB Line

Giant Anthem X Advanced SL 0
Giant Anthem X Advanced SL 0

The new line of MTB from Giant is about to be released, with weight savings all around. A full XC racing Giant Anthem X Advamced SL 0 will tip the scales at about 9.8kg (21.8lbs). Frame itself weighs 2.1kg (4.63lb). This is straight out of the box. Imagine what you can do with a few more carbon parts.

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Giant Anthem 0: From Taiwan to Canada and back to Taiwan

My 07 Giant Anthem 0
My '07 Giant Anthem 0

Seems kind of ridiculous if you think about it, but that’s actually what happened. The MTB craze hit me when I was leaving Taiwan to spend some time in Canada. I almost made a fatal mistake and bought a downhill racer bike second hand from a guy before heading to Canada. Oddly enough, I didn’t know anything about MTBs. I used to do a lot of road racing when I was younger, but I stopped a long while ago. Having spent almost 9 months with a bunch of guys keen on biking, I started researching earnestly. I was trying to find a second-hand MTB, a XC racer. Specifically, I was trying to get a bike from a biker that wasn’t too heavy, so that the frame wouldn’t be too bent out of shape. Also, he had to have my shape.

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More Ways To Die

This is most definitely another way to die
This is most definitely another way to die

I don’t think I’d like to try this out, but then again, I kind like living dangerously. It’s designed by Francesco Sommacal and it’s called the 360, a summer snowboard. (via designboom)