Stargate Coasters: Commiserate Stargate Universe’s Demise With a Cup of Joe

Poor, Stargate. Stargate Universe had to be canceled just when it was getting good. The worst part is that you’re left with all these open-ended questions, which will probably never get answered. If you are a Stargate fan and are in utter despair, don’t worry, because these coasters will make you feel better!

stargate coaster sg-1 drink

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The Self-Stirring Mug: Pure Genius

I’ve been off sugar for the second year in a row, but I can still remember how my mom used to chastise me for making lots of noise in the mornings when I stirred my tea when I was growing up. Spoons? That’s so 20th century! Get into the new millennium with this self-stirring mug!

thinkgeek self stirring mug

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Twitter Mug: Custom Mug From Twitter Profile Pics

Nope, this mug won’t tweet for you, but it will show off all the people you follow on Twitter.


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Creepy Mr. Spock Doggie Mug: Live Long and Walkies

I used to have some mugs with pictures of dogs on them when I was a kid – until they eventually broke. I think I still have one in storage, but who knows. Anyway, if you like having strange images on your mugs, then this Mr. Spock dog mug might be right up your alley.


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Beep Mug: Have Yourself A Hot UPC Of Coffee

Although this mug has got its barcode all around, for some reason it’s called the BEEP Mug. It was created by the British designer Colin O’Dowd and the mug does more than just look cool, it eliminates the need for any excessive packaging, since its own UPC barcode is integrated into the design of the mug.

beep mug colin odowd barcode

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Look! Zoom Lens Coffee Mug


This is the perfect mug to start out your days, if you are a photography buff. This coffee mug looks like it’s made out of a zoom lens. It’s hard not to like this mug, even though it’s still a concept at this stage. Making one yourself would be very expensive, but maybe if enough buzz is created, a cheap version will see the light of production.

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