Why You Should Be Dialing Down the Brightness

092011_rg_DialLaptopBrightnessDown_01.jpgWith multi-monitor setups no longer a rarity, users are sitting from front of a great amount of emanating, bright light. But oftentimes, especially in mix and match dual+ monitor setups, one screen is brighter than the other, which can result in tired eyes. Here’s a simple trick to improve calibrating a multitude of screens…

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Mitch’s Multi-Monitor, Over the Top Home Office

It’s not always easy to create a multi-monitor setup with 3 or more screens, but Mitch Haile’s updated attic home office sees your three monitors and raises you two more. Not many people use 5 monitors all at once, but the overall look and feel of his home office accommodates for the wraparound display with some thoughtful planning (if not a little obsessive). Many of us would love to have a similar setup, but as Mitch mentions, this is an over-the-top version of a home office built both for function and as a hobby.

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How $500 in Video Cards Can Power 5 Monitors

071911_rg_AffordableMultiMonitorSetup_01.jpgWhile many people think that multiple monitor setups are the holy grail (or the unicorn?) of workstation awesomeness, not everyone is willing to shell out a couple of grand to get things started. This is why we like how this workstation came together. You won’t need that much money to put this together, and the overall investment is affordable if you definitely want to go multi-monitor.

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Simple 3-Monitor Setup Maximizes Screen Real Estate

Setting up a multi-monitor computer can seem like a challenge, but once you’ve got the details down, it can be surprisingly easy. A powerful desktop with more than one graphics card usually does the job. While most people are content with one modest-sized screen, Flickr user Techie has got a total of 3 in his Mac setup.

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A Home Office With A Quartet of Monitors

There are many people who actually need at least two monitors to work with properly. Even though there are some workstations that just go over the top, this neat home office was designed by a high school student at his own expense and just goes to show what’s possible, if you put your mind to it.

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Steve Price Redoes His Workstation With Only 6 Monitors

The last time we heard from Steve Price, his workstation had a mind-whopping 9 monitors. Since then, he’s cut down to only 6, which makes some sense. His current setup still features a lot of screen real estate, with a few added gizmos.

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Inspiring Multi-Monitor Home Office Uses Darker Colors

100109_rg_multimonitor_01.jpgHaving more than one monitor is really handy when you work from home. However, sometimes, and sadly more often than we would like, multi-monitor workstations tend to look like air traffic control centers. It’s hard to make them look clean and uncluttered.

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