Selected Quotes From Murder on the Orient Express With Hercule Poirot

Put a sewer rat in a suit and he’s still a sewer rat. He’s just in a suit.
The butler

They settled his debt with a knife.
The personal secretary

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Casetti’s crime.
McQueen, son of the DA in the Daisy Armstrong Case

Because there are certain things that God will never forgive, like when you violate his law. Violence against children.

I should have liked to have called my servants, flogged this man to death and thrown him on the rubbish heap. That is what was done with such men when I was young. Make no mistake, I would have stabbed him in his sleep and been proud to confess.
The Princess

Yale Murder Victim Dredges Up Another One From The Past

Last week, the body of Anne Le, a 24-year old graduate student, was found hidden inside laboratory walls on the day that she was supposed to marry. This is a grisly reminder of what happened at Yale almost 10 years ago.

When Shooting A Man In the Head Isn’t Murder

A grand jury has rejected the accusation of attempted murder against a firefighter who shot a man in the head while he was bicycling with his daughter. The man survived since his helmet blocked the shot from killing him. How is this not attempted murder? Favoritism, because he is a firefighter? The grand jury let the charge drop to assault with a deadly weapon.

The accused said that he was worried for the girl’s safety because she was bicycling with her father so he attempted to shoot and kill him with a bullet to the head.

Diez, 42, apparently fired at the Asheville man after arguing with him about riding his bike on the busy road with his 3-year-old child in a bike seat behind him, Asheville Police Capt. Tim Splain said.

Diez was driving his car off Interstate 40 at Exit 55 at about 11:24 a.m. when he saw Alan Ray Simons and his wife riding bikes up the road and decided to tell Simons the situation was unsafe for the child because of heavy traffic, Splain said.

Dexter S02E06 (Showtime)

Dexter stars Michael C. Hall, most known for his role as David in the HBO drama Six Feet Under. Michael C Hall plays Dexter Morgan, a blood spatter specialist working in Miami for the police.

This was by far the best episode of Dexter that I’ve seen. Dexter Morgan is such a multi-dimensional character. I’m actually surprised at how much has happened in the second season.

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Dexter S02E05 (Showtime)

In this episode of Dexter, Dexter deals with some important issues of his past. He learns a lot more about the murder of him mother and discovers things that he would have rather not wanted to know about his step-father Harry.

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Dexter S02E04 (Showtime)

A slight oversight on my part, I forgot to post last week’s Dexter review and recap. I was about to posts this week’s when I realized the mistake. Anyways, I’m head over heels busy at the moment writing Symria for NaNoWriMo.

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Dexter S02E03 (Showtime)

While Dexter investigates another potential killer, he has to deal with the fact that he has to pretend that he has an addiction. To his surprise, he realizes that he really does have an addiction and that he has to really go to the meetings to continue seeing Rita. She makes it clear that he has to.

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Dexter S02E02 (Showtime)

The two first episodes of the second season of Dexter were leaked on the internet back in July. I had watched the 1st episode of the second season after finishing the 1st season of Dexter. I finally watched the second episode yesterday. Sometimes you have to be in the mood for certain shows. The same is true for Brotherhood. I finally watched the last few episodes of season 1 and the leaked episodes of season 2 earlier this week.

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Dexter S02E01 (Showtime)

After last season’s incredible finale, Dexter is back to deal with some personal problems. His life has gotten a lot more complicated ever since he killed his brother.

His sister Deb has moved in. She was dating Dexter’s half-brother and was almost killed by him. Since then, life is problematic for Dexter. He can no longer kill as easily as before. He messes up some opportunities and Dokes keeps following him around.

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