T3 Music Player for iOS: The Media Player Goes Old School

There are plenty of ways of playing music on your iPhone, but the default player lacks a few functions. This new player app was inspired by the work of legendary industrial designer Dieter Rams, blending both form and function as you rediscover your music collection.

t3 music player ios

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Soul Party in a Box Music P910 Player: The Luxury Boombox

There are many products which have been sold as a “party in a box,” but I’ve never heard the term applied to a music player. This audio player is named thusly because it’s completely self-contained, and aims to be the life of your next party – hopefully waking up your neighbors very late at night.

soul party in a box 1

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Social Jukebox Music Player: Russian Song Roulette

There are lots of different ways of sharing your music. This idea, created by Andrew Pairman of the Digital Interaction Design at the University of Dundee, is definitely unique. Each user has a wooden token that contains an RFID chip, on which you’ll find a personalized playlist. The Social Jukebox does the rest.

social jukebox music player

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High End Earphones: Superior Sound For Audiophiles

041511_rg_HighendEarphones_01.jpgOne of the most annoying things when you are going around town or working out is to constantly readjust your earphones into the optimal place and not getting the right kind of sound from your earphones. No matter what you think, if you’re on a bike or running, then earphones are the way to go to keep your headphones on. Nowadays, high end earphones will allow you to listen to your music as well or even better than on your speakers.

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Reasons Why the iPod Is Still Our Favorite Music Player

113010_rg_IpodLove_01.jpgApple iPods have been around for a long time and we’ve been using them for years. We’d argue iPods remain the music player to beat when you’re shopping for new media players, since they’re easy to use and offer lots of storage space. Here are some of the reasons why iPods are still our favorite music players.

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