In connection with the Free Burma initiative, I’ve reaquainted myself with Rage Against the Machine. I learned that RATM has reunited when Audioslave disbanded in February 2007. Zach de la Rocha had a low-key musical career and once more joined Morello, Commerford and Wilk for some great music and political activism. When RATM appeared, I was listening to a lot of punk music and had gone to a few Van’s Warped tours. I was rollerblading on vert and street and had just started university in Sherbrooke.

It seems to me that the song Freedom is most appropriate for what is happening in Myanmar. RATM wrote this song for the Leonard Peltier cause.

Is the current situation in Myanmar enough to warrant a full call to arms?

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Saffron Revolution

The phrase “Saffron Revolution” connects the protests against Myanmar’s military dictatorship to the saffron-colored robes widely associated with Buddhist monks, who are at the forefront of the demonstrations.[8] (This is perhaps a slight misnomer, as saffron is worn by the Theravada monks of neighboring countries, and monks in Myanmar usually wear crimson robes.) While similar phrases have been used previously to describe the process of gradual or peaceful revolution in other nations, this seems to be the first time it has been associated with a particular protest as it is unfolding, and the international press has seized upon it in reporting on the Burmese protests.[9]

Myanmar Or Burma

Myanmar from space.

Today, bloggers are asked to blog about Myanmar/Burma to support the Saffron revolution. I’ve already posted a few articles this morning before realizing the date. Anyways, most of the posts on this blog today will be about Myanmar.

Myanmar or Burma?


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The name “Myanmar” is derived from the local short-form name Myanma Naingngandaw.[5] In Burmese, the name Myanma (or Mranma Prañ) has been used since the 13th century.[6] Its etymology remains unclear.

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Myanmar’s Military Opens Fire On Peaceful Demonstrators

Things are going to hell quickly in Myanmar, formely known as Burma. Actually quite a lot of people refer to it as Burma.

The military has started shooting on peaceful demonstrators. At least 200 monks are reported arrested in clashes in Myanmar.

The UN’s special adviser on Myanmar Ibrahim Gambari arrived there on September 29th. He was quickly whisked away from populated places to far into the interior of Myanmar.

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