Blood Work Vs The Poet By Michael Connelly

It was with slight misgivings that I started reading Blood Work again. I had read it after the movie based on this book was released. I wasn’t that impressed with Clint Eastwood’s interpretation of Terry McCaleb, but there was something about the plot that was stirring. Clint Eastwood’s portrayal of someone who had a heart transplant boiled down to him rubbing his chest a lot, where the scar would have been.

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Selected Quotes From Murder on the Orient Express With Hercule Poirot

Put a sewer rat in a suit and he’s still a sewer rat. He’s just in a suit.
The butler

They settled his debt with a knife.
The personal secretary

He has an encyclopedic knowledge of Casetti’s crime.
McQueen, son of the DA in the Daisy Armstrong Case

Because there are certain things that God will never forgive, like when you violate his law. Violence against children.

I should have liked to have called my servants, flogged this man to death and thrown him on the rubbish heap. That is what was done with such men when I was young. Make no mistake, I would have stabbed him in his sleep and been proud to confess.
The Princess

Sherlock A Study in Pink S01E01 (BBC)

Sherlock Holmes titlecard

This is a brilliant re-imagination of the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle classic, A Study in Scarlet. Sherlock Holmes, portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch, is manic, egotistical, brilliant, and loves texting for some reason.

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Kashiwa Mystery Cafe

Incredible little cafe found in Japan, where you receive what the person before you ordered. The person after you gets what you ordered. You pay for what you order. Sounds surprising. (via coudal)

J.J. Abrams on the Magic of Mystery

Lost creator J. J. Abrams on the magic of mystery in this month’s themed Wired issue.

Architect Hides Treasure Hunt In Project

I found this a wonderful story about how an architect took it upon himself to build a scavenger hunt into one of his client’s apartments, all without telling them. It would have been really interesting if this missive was received after the architect’s demise or 20 years later. Mysteries are always fun. (via kottke)

What’s The Frequency Kenneth?

With the new album Accelerate of R.E.M. having just been released, my thoughts immediately focused on the 1994 song “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” and CBS newscaster Dan Rather. I didn’t know that back in 2001, Harper’s Magazine solved the riddle that has existed since that fateful night in 1986.