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Syre Smartwatch Band Adds Bluetooth to iPod Nano

After Pebble’s resounding success, it was only a matter of time before more inventors would try and get smartwatches made through Kickstarter’s crowdfunding. The Syre is a watch band for your iPod Nano, with the distinct advantage of having Bluetooth neatly integrated.

syre smartwatch band ipod nano

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Pad & Quill Littlest Black Book for iPod nano Is Not an April Fool (or is it?)

There are thousands of different iPad and iPhone cases out there, but other than watch bands, the little iPod nano hasn’t got that many, which is one of the reasons why Pad & Quill developed the Littlest Black Book, a teeny tiny case for your iPod nano.

littlest black book ipod nano case

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iPocketWatch Case Turns Your iPod nano into a Stylish Pocket Watch

There are quite a few different cases that transform your iPod Nano into a wristwatch, but this is the first one I’ve seen that makes it into a pocket watch. While I don’t use pocket watches, I can see some people liking this kind of setup, since it’s definitely unique.

ipocket watch 1

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Gavio Pill Dock: Your iPod nano Takes the Red Pill

A nano-sized device should require a nano-sized dock, that’s basically what Gavio decided to do with their new speaker dock, The Pill. It will match your iPod nano (6G) quite well, since it doesn’t take up much space, it’s also easily portable.

Gavio The Pill iPod Nano Dock 01

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Incase Flex iPod Nano Wristband: Give Your Nano a New Twist

I’m not sure if Apple will change the shape of the iPod Nano any time soon, but Incase is probably hoping that it will stay the same (or maybe they know something we don’t). Their new Flex Wristband Case looks pretty cool, even though I still can’t see it being that comfortable with a headphone cord sticking out of it.

incase flex wristband ipod nano watch case

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Hex iPod Nano Watch Actually Doesn’t Look Half Bad, Makes Me Want An iPod Nano

I never really was that interested in an iPod Nano, but this little watch band might make me change my mind. It basically makes your iPod Nano look like a bona fide watch. Plus, it also looks pretty good.

hex ipod nano apple watch band

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Elton John’s Sparkly iPod Nanos

020209_rg_sparklyipodnano_01.jpgEveryone has got an iPod. You mom, your grandma and your little sister most probably. The thing is that they all look alike. There has been a trend of trying to make your iPod looks unique and distinctive amongst us, to go beyond form and function. That’s why I thought that these new Stardust iPod Nanos will work, although I don’t know about the fact that they are a limited edition.

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