LED Lights May Help Prevent Astronaut Insomnia Aboard the ISS

An early prototype of new LED fixtures (Solid State Lighting Module) that could help to prevent astronaut insomnia aboard the International Space Station. Credit: Kennedy Space Center

By investing $11.4 million to change out aging fluorescent lights in the ISS’s U.S. Orbital Segment, NASA hopes to prevent astronaut insomnia and to help space station crews sleep better aboard the International Space Station.

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New Nuclear Engine Will Allow Deep Space Exploration


Researchers at NASA’s Glenn Research Center and Los Alamos National Laboratory have tested a small prototype of a nuclear-reactor engine design, which could power deep space exploration probes.

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ESA Sets Goals for Space Exploration


At a recent meeting in Naples, Italy, EU ministers have agreed to give the European Space Agency (ESA) €10.1 billion ($13 billion) over the next several years, which is less than the total €12 billion that was considered at the beginning of the meeting.

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Spherical Phase of Planetary Nebula Abell 30

planetary nebula Abell 30

These new images of the planetary nebula Abell 30, which is located 5,500 light-years away from Earth, show one of the clearest views ever obtained of a special phase of evolution for these objects.

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Hubble Views What is Probably the Most Distant Known Galaxy


The galaxy known as MACS0647-JD is located behind an enormous galactic cluster MACS J0647+7015 that lies between the Big and Little Dipper. Data shows that MACS0647-JD is probably the most distant galaxy ever seen.

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NASA’s 3-D Printing of Rocket Engine Parts Might Boost Larger Manufacturing Trend

first test piece produced on the M2 Cusing Machine
NASA’s Space Launch System (SLS) is its first heavy-lift booster rocket since Saturn 5 took US astronauts to the moon. SLS will play a central role in the future of American spaceflight, but might also provide a critical test for technology expected to revamp the country’s ailing manufacturing industry.

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ATLAST is Being Designed to Discover Life on Planets


Years before the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) is launched in 2018, astronomers and engineers have already started working on the USA’s next space telescope, named ATLAST.

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Image of RCW 120 Nebula Shows Expanding Bubble of Ionized Gas


In this color composite image of the RCW 120 nebula (above), an expanding bubble of ionized gas, about ten light-years across, is revealed. It is causing the surrounding material to collapse into dense clumps where star formation occurs.

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NASA Designing Space Habitat from Spare ISS Parts

NASA Building Deep-Space Habitat

Engineers at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Texas have been busy putting together a prototype of a deep space station, which has been essentially assembled using scrap parts from the ISS. This has the added benefit of cutting down on costs significantly. Also, the ISS is a proven design.

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NASA Testing Helicopter Rotor System for Capsule Reentry

concept shows a capsule flying back to Earth with a rotor blade system

A team of researchers took their scale models of space capsules to the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida in order to test out a new rotor system that could be used instead of parachutes when capsules perform their re-entry into the atmosphere.

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