Survivor Samoa This Game Aint Over S19E15-16 (CBS)

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Russell is already up and about. The rest of the tribe is still in bed. He gets the tree mail. Nat looks anorexic. Russ tells Nat that they absolutely have to win the next immunity challenge, or she might go.

It’s time for the next immunity challenge. They have to race across some obstacles to retrieve a bag of puzzles. They then need to cross some other obstacles and assemble the puzzle. Jaison the clutz falls. Mick also falls. Russell is in the lead for now. Russell brought his A game. It’s going to be close. Russ has a slight lead. Brett is working against 4 people. It’s between Brett, Mick and Russ. Brett wins immunity again by a slight margin. Mick was really close, but fumbled with his pieces in a few crucial moments.

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