Cukui Wooden iPhone Backplate Takes Your iPhone Back to Nature

If you’ve gotten tired of your iPhone 4′s or 4S’ minimal glass back, then check out Cukui’s wooden backplate, which will surely jazz things up a bit. Just like other backplates, it’s a great alternative to a case to get that custom look you’ve desired.

cukui wood backplate iphone koa 01

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Octopuses Beat the Frigid Waters of the Antarctic by Rewriting Their RNA


Octopuses have found a novel way of beating the frigid temperatures of the Antarctic waters by using RNA editing to customize crucial nervous system proteins, allowing them to work at low temperatures. This paper is the first to reveal that RNA editing, not just changes to genes, can lead to adaptations.

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Eton TurboDyne Series: Ingenious Emergency Tools

060911_rg_EtonTurboDyne_01.jpgLike most people, we have an emergency kit packed up in our car, including a small bag with some essentials, just in case something happened. However, we definitely didn’t have anything like these stylish and ingenious emergency tools that were created by Eton for the American Red Cross. The bold red and white colors, coupled with the fact that most of these can be hand-powered, make them ideal in emergency situations.

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10 Of The World’s Most Magnificent Trees

10 of the world’s most magnificent trees.