Nendo/Logitec Stylo Bluetooth Headset Looks Like a Sci-Fi Communicator

I admit to owning a Bluetooth headset. This was years ago, and I was often driving in my car, so I needed one to field calls from employees, as well as my bosses and clients. Needless to say that these days, I don’t need one, and rarely talk on my phone. However if you need to talk often on your smartphone, then this Nendo-designed headset looks like a cool choice.

nendo logitec stylo bluetooth headset

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Nendo Dark Noon Watches for Those That Prefer The Dark Side

Do you like dark or colorful watches? If you gravitate towards the dark side, then check out these watches that the Japanese studio Nendo designed for the Danish watch company Noon. They are part of the Dark Noon collection and all have black faces, and white lines accented with gold.

nendo dark noon watch

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A Mouse That’s a Battery and Eyeglasses for Your Cell Phone

While touchscreens and trackpads might be what people yearn for, the reality is that most of us still have to use computer mice in some fashion. This is why Nendo designed this mouse that looks like a “D”-cell battery. Need I say more?

nendo elecom kandenchi mouse megane stand japan

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Elecom Faucet iPad/iPhone Stand: Go with the Flow

This is probably the closest your smartphone or tablet should ever get to water. This strikingly unusual stand itself was designed by Nendo for Elecom in Japan. The faucet stand will support all manner of smartphones and tablets. It’s definitely one of the rare ways that commonplace electronics can mix with water.


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Nendo Data Clip for Elecom: Clip it Anywhere

This USB flash drive can be clipped anywhere, thanks to the clever way that it was designed.  Since USB drives are becoming smaller and smaller, it’s gets easier to lose them. This is one of the reasons why this design makes good sense.

elecom data clip usb nendo japan flash drive

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Ceramic Circuit Board Speaker Is Wafer Thin and Probably Insanely Expensive

This funky ceramic speaker has got a long history, which starts off with Japanese footballer/fashion icon Nakata Hidetoshi, whose Revalue Nippon Project is basically a way to marry and revitalize traditional Japanese crafts with modern designs.

nendo japan circuit board speaker ceramic

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