Duck Hunt Art Classes Up Your (D)Pad

While I personally wasn’t that into Duck Hunt, the classic shooting game on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, I have to say that this piece of art that combines pixel art with traditional art is lots of fun.

retro dpad etsy duck hunt nes nintendo mega man art pixel

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The Great Gatsby: Now Available on NES!

The Great Gatsby isn’t just a famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it’s also a NES game! Thanks to Charlie Hoey you can now play this retro game right on this website.

the great gatsby nes game retro flash japan

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Legend of Zelda Prototype Surfaces: Easier to Play, But Just as Fun

Ah, The Legend of Zelda. I played that game for hours and hours and I wasn’t the only one. The game also hooked my sister, who no longer plays any video games, but still loves Zelda. An early build of the first Zelda has surfaced that wasn’t as hard as the one we all played on our NES.

legend of zelda nes prototype games retro

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Home Theater PC Masquerading As Nintendo NES

Just like iPod docks, home theater PCs (HTPCs), a sort of barebones computer that you can easily plug into your home theater PCs, come in all shapes, sizes and colors. What’s usually annoying is how big and bulky they look. Thankfully, a lot of smaller models have been available recently, but none of them had the retro-appeal of this HTPC.

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Retrode Copies Your Favorite Classic NES Games

Imagine if you could find a use for all those classic games that you’ve got laying about your garage or basement? Sure, from time to time, I get out my NES or SNES and play a few classic games, like Contra or Shadow of the Ninja. Wouldn’t it be cool to be able to play these on your computer without having to resort to illicit ROM downloads from the Internet?

retrode classic video games genesis snes sega

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Wearable Brains, NES, And Gremlins, What’s Not to Like?

If you’re looking for awesome-looking hats and t-shirts, then look no further because The Printed Mind has got some crazy new designs that will be available on Monday, Feb 22nd.

gremlins hat t-shirt nes brains zombie fashion wear

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NES Cartridge External HD: An Homage to Old School Games

082809_rg_NESHD_01.jpgJust like a lot of people, we had Nintendo Entertainment Systems at home. It was the first console that started it all for a lot of game players. The others just followed this 8-bit wonder. Well, as a testament to the NES, the guys over at 8-Bit Memory will convert NES cartridge games to fully functional external hard drives.

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Nintendo NES Mouse: Brings Back Some Memories

043009_rg_NES_mouse_01.jpgThis is one sweet looking mouse. It reminds me of playing hours and hours on the NES at home, back when it was the best video game system in the world. Now, it just brings back some cool memories for those of us who have played with the NES. The iconic controller has been transformed into an iconic mouse, which includes a digital pad and two buttons, made to look like the ones you’d find on the NES controller.