Intel Nikiski Laptop Gets Transparent Touchpad, Lets You See Through to Your Crotch

While I’m the first to admit that I don’t spend much time looking at my keyboard or touchpad, since I touch type, there’s a reason for having them visible, especially when it’s late at night and you can’t find the right keys. Intel has upped the ante with its Nikiski prototype laptop, which features a see-through touchpad that has a few different features.

intel nikiski laptop transparent touchpad 04

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Motorola Lapdock 100: Smartphone to Netbook Converter

So what’s  a Lapdock? It’s a dock that will work with Motorola’s “Webtop”-enabled smarpthones. This is the mode that Motorola smartphones go into when they are connected to a TV or a laptop dock. The phone turns into a mini Linux laptop with a full desktop browser and more features.

motorola lapdock cell phone smartphone dock laptop computer

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Scosche boomCAN Speakers: Campbell’s Soup Sold Seperately

While I can’t say for sure that I will never use portable speakers on my laptop or tablets, I probably won’t since I prefer using hi-fi headphones instead. But if you prefer to share your sound on the go, these portable speakers from Scosche have an interesting design and look pretty unique.

scosche boomcan speaker portable media laptop netbook tablet

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ASUS Eee Pad Slider Tablet Grows a Keyboard. Say, Isn’t that Called a Netbook?

Information about this tablet was originally released back in January during CES, but I haven’t heard much about it until this week. It’s set to launch in September with two different models. Do you think it make sense to have an integrated keyboard on your tablet? If the answer is yes, then the ASUS Eee Pad Slider could be for you.

asus eee pad slider tablet android computer

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Samsung’s Solar-Powered Netbook NC215S: Kind of Like Superman?

Just like Superman, Samsung’s new NC215S is powered by the Sun. Will it make it the ultimate go to laptop for people on the road? It makes perfect sense to integrate a solar panel into the lid of a laptop, because you can charge it quite easily when you’re not using it. Pop it in the sun for a few hours and you’re ready for more computing.

samsung laptop notebook netbook solar power green nc215s

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Fujitsu Flexbook Concept: Folding Tablet/Netbook Fits in Your Pocket

The Flexbook was created by Taiwan-based designer Hao-Chun Huang for entry into Fujitsu’s 2011 Design Award contest. As the name implies, it’s basically a foldable netbook that can also be used as a tablet. The design is supposed to be waterproof, but only time will tell if this is possible in this form factor.

flexbook fujitsu design award hao-chun huang laptop tablet concept

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TrimSlice Tegra-Powered Pocket Computer is Probably More Powerful Than Your Netbook

Yes, I’ll admit it, this computer is pretty small, but it packs a lot of punch. Unless you’ve got a Tegra 2-powered system, it’s probably more powerful than your precious netbook thanks to a dual core processor and a few other hardware perks.

trimslice computer tiny compulab pocket

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Dell Inspiron Duo: Netbook and Tablet At the Same Time

Originally tablet computers were mostly convertible laptops. Last month, Dell showed off their new spin on things, and here it is in action. Surprisingly, this thing might actually hit the retail market pretty soon.

dell inspiron convertible tablet netbook computer duo

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Air Quandary: Why Would You Get the New MacBook Air

If you’ve checked out the most recent Mac rumors, it seems that the new MacBook Air will get a smaller 11.6-inch screen. To some people it might seem somewhat strange that Apple might actually reduce the screen size of the Air, but we got to hand it to them, it kind of makes a lot of sense. Why? Read on to find out more.

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Tablet Wars: Will the iPad Be Dethroned?

It’s been months since the iPad was released, yet we’ve still haven’t seen a viable competitor from the big hardware manufacturers. As the netbook market slowly crashes, are we ever going to be able to purchase other good tablets than the iPad? It looks like the iPad will have two alternatives, but are they worth getting?

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