Glow-in-the-Dark Highway Becomes Reality

If you tend to drive at night, you know that it can get dangerous on roads without lighting. That’s one of the reasons why some engineers in the Netherlands decided to make their highways glow in the dark.

glow in the dark road
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3D Printed Skateboard: Print to Kickflip

3D printing has come a long way, and it’s going to go even further, when everyone can easily purchase an affordable and fast 3D printer for their homes. We’ve seen lots of intriguing items output using 3D printing tech, and now a Dutch artist created this 3D printed skateboard.

3d printed skateboard competition

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Solid Gray: Backpack to the Future

I’ve seen a few hard shell backpacks in my time, but this is one of the first that is supposed to be quite lightweight as well, since its cut and folded out of a single sheet of copolymer. It’s called Solid Gray and it definitely looks like an interesting pack to have.


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New Dutch Coins to Get QR Codes

QR codes are slowly popping up pretty much everywhere, as most people carry a smartphone with a camera in it these days, and they can read these codes. Until now, I hadn’t seen any on money yet, but it looks like the Dutch have decided to put some on their newly minted coins. The Royal Dutch Mint will commemorate it’s 100th anniversary with silver and gold coins that will have a QR code on them.


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2010 World Cup: Netherlands Vs Uruguay

I waited for my wife to come home before watching this great match-up. The first half started tentatively, but soon Von Bronckworst, the skipper on the pitch for the Dutch squad, scored an amazing goal from 30m. It was a beautiful goal and gave the Dutch a bit of respite. Neither of the teams was playing very well, but it was obvious that this had lit a fire in Uruguay’s belly. Floran scored an equally impressive goal from about the same distance. It was from a  free kick that just arched over the defensive wall and into the net. The Dutch goalie might have had more of a chance if his defenders wouldn’t have impaired his field of vision, but this would have left Floran open to score anyway he wished.

The first period ended like this. During the beginning of the 2n period, things were still a bit tentative. The Dutch didn’t have many chances to score, but this all turned around when they finally mounted a few attacks into Uruguayan territory. Sneijder got into scoring position with a beautiful shot that ricocheted against some defenders before almost touching another one of this teammates and then going into the goal.

A few minutes later, thanks to a beautiful cross from Kuyt, Arjen Robben scored with a precise header, which was simply amazing. The devastated Uruguayan squad finally mounted a desperate counter offensive, which culminated with Pereira’s goal at 90’+2′, but it wasn’t enough. The Netherlands have moved into the finals and Uruguay have been eliminated. It’s more than the Uruguayan deserved for their cheating defeat of Ghana last week.

2010 World Cup Semi Finals

With the quarter finals over, the Netherlands will face Uruguay int he semi-finals while the Germans take on Spain. It’s obvious that the Germans will move onto the finals, unless Spain can manage to get back into it. Their performance wasn’t very impressive in yesterday’s game, so I honestly doubt that they’ll be able to win it against the Germans. Also, even if some players weren’t have a great day for Germany, they were able to win in a convincing fashion. My money’s on Germany to win this year’s World Cup.

I’m sure that the Netherlands will destroy Uruguay. They are clearly not in the same league and the Dutch, after having dispatched Brazil, will have no problems moving onto the finals.

So it looks like we’ll have a European final, with the Netherlands facing off against Germany. Once again, I think that Germany will prevail, although we’ll have to see how it all ends.

The type of play is also quite different, between the Latin teams and the Northern European teams. I don’t like the amount of faking and fake fouling that happens when Latin American teams play, especially South Americans. This happens a lot less with the Germans. It’s surprising that Argentina and Brazil weren’t able to move on. For a while, it looked like it would be an all South American quarter-final.

It’s also good that the matches are now better spaced apart. I’ve had to stop checking up Twitter and my feeds while I watch the games after they have been aired. While I could watch the first match during the same night, since it aired at 10PM local time, it was much harder for the later game, which aired at 2:30AM. I had to wait for the next day. The Dutch game is on the 6th while the German game is on the 7th. The finals are on the 11th.

2010 World Cup: Netherlands Vs Brazil

This was one of the matches that I was really looking forward too, and I wasn’t disappointed. Who could have predicted the result?

The Netherlands were trailing at half-time, thanks to a great goal by Rubinho. The Brazilians were in control and it looked like the Dutch were soon going to be heading home. Luckily, things got interesting in the 2nd half.

Arjen Robben led his squad to victory in a surprising second half. Things were heating up and Robben fed Sneijder masterfully for the first Dutch goal at the 53rd minute. This was actually an own goal done by Melo, but FIFA ruled that Sneijder deserved it more. Anyway, it was a great shot that came from far away, there was nothing that the Brazilians could do about this.

After this, it seemed that the Brazilian team broke down. They were booked a few more times, their frustration was apparent. Sneijder scored with a header that sealed the deal. There was still plenty of time left (17 minutes), but the South Americans got even more frustrated. Melo got a red card for stamping Robben in an unsporting fashion.

Camouflage Art

I found the Camouflage art by Desiree Palmen very intriguing. I wonder if these are scultures or just mimes standing in place. Probably sculptures.