High-Energy Physicists Set New Record for Data Transfer


Physicists at the California Institute of Technology have set a new record for data network data transfer speeds. The international team of high-energy physicists, computer scientists and network engineers achieved a rate of 339 gigabits per second (Gbps), which is equivalent to four million gigabytes per day, roughly doubling last year’s record.

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Cloak VPN App: Encrypts Connections When Using Public Wi-Fi

It’s true that surfing the web through public connections isn’t that safe. I still remember a crazy computer virus I got in Thailand that migrated from my compact flash card onto my home system. Cloak aims to improve network security by sending traffic through a VPN that encrypts all of your Internet traffic.

cloak vpn app ios osx private browsing

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Freedom Sleeve Turns iPod Touch into a 4G iPhone

Having compared an iPhone 4S and an iPod Touch next to each other, I can confirm that I’d rather carry around an iPod Touch since it’s very thin compared to the iPhone. That sentiment will make even more sense once you pop FreedomPop’s Freedom Sleeve case onto your iPod Touch.

freedompop ipod 4g case iphone

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Anti-Wi-Fi Wallpaper Keeps Nosy Neighbors off Networks

Unless you vary your passwords often, it’s possible that some tech-savvy neighbors have figured out the password to your Wi-Fi home network, and they could be using it to download massive amounts of data, porn and pirated movies, or to snoop on your personal network. Instead of getting caught by the MPAA, it’s probably best to get this anti-Wi-Fi wallpaper to take care of business.

anti wifi wallpaper

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First Universal Quantum Network Prototype Operational


Quantum physicists have constructed an elementary network for storing and exchanging quantum information. The network was setup with two all-purpose nodes, which can send, receive and store quantum information. The nodes were linked by fiber-optic cable, which carries the quantum information from node to node with a single photon.

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Ensuring That Your Data Isn’t Stolen Off Your Console

042711_rg_PSNDataTheft_01.jpgAs well as changing your passwords, here are some easy steps that you can take to ensure that you personal data will never be stolen off your console. We’ve worked this way for years with our Xbox 360 and it’s never been a problem.

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Targeted Wireless Repeaters Improve Your Home Network

012111_rg_TargetedWirelessRepeaters_01.jpgSince wireless routers basically waste a lot of their energy blanketing a designated area with a WiFI signal, it’s no wonder that some home networks are less than efficient. Some companies are to change this in order to make smarter wireless repeaters to extend and improve your home network.

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Setting Up An Optimal Wireless Network For A Larger Home

When you have a large home, covering it adequately with a wireless router can be an issue. This is why we decided to give you some easy ideas on how to properly cover your home, allowing you to access the Internet from the porch and the garden, or the pool house.

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Ohio Tells Teachers Not To Social Network

Ohio tells teachers not to do any social networking.

Philips Network Music Players


Network music players are becoming more and more common. This is because more and more people have wireless networks blanketing their homes, making it easier to access music stored on your computer anywhere in your home. Philips just launched a new pair of network music players, the NP2500 and the NP2900. They up the ante from their monochrome model, the NP1100.

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