D-Link DIR-508L SharePort Go II: All Your Connections Are Belong to Us

Road warriors who need on-the-go networking will be happy to hear about D-Link’s latest SharePort Go. This handy gadget is designed to allow all of your gadgets to remain connected to the Internet no matter where you are.

d link shareport networking router

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Prehistoric Human Social Networks Resemble Modern Ones


If prehistoric hunters and gatherers had access to social networking sites, they would probably end up with networks that looked identical to modern ones, according to a study published on January 25th in Nature, which was based upon field work among a tribe of Tanzanian hunter-gatherers.

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3 Great Uses For Old Routers

Just like most people, you’ve probably got a few old routers lying around. It’s true that unlike computers, phones, and tablets, routers are somewhat of a less obvious upgrade choice, but if you want to improve the reception of your home network, it’s best to have a good one on hand.

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The Reason Why Ann Magnuson Got Kicked Off Facebook

This is kind of strange and I have trouble seeing why it would violate FB’s TOS, but hey, maybe it’s too much. You be the judge.

Social Networking Detox

Edan goes in for a 3-month social networking detox. While I do check Twitter and my blog feeds, I no longer go on FB.

Google Wave & Google Buzz

via TechCrunch

If Google Wave is the future, Google Buzz is the present.

A lot of buzz is going around about Google Buzz. If there’s anything that ever threatened Twitter, it’s got to be Google Buzz, with it’s smooth integration into GReader and GMail. Sure, the interface isn’t perfect, but GMail’s interface also took some time to be polished. I’ve got Wave, but I’ve only logged in a few times. It’s not really that relevant to me. However, Google Buzz kind of bridges the gap. I can see how it would get really interesting to a lot of people.

For now, I’ll continue using Twitter, but Buzz is hard to dismiss when it beckons in my inbox. However, since I try to use a sort of Inbox Zero system, I rarely leave an email tab open for long periods of time. I do leave GReader and Twitter open a lot until I log off in the evenings, which begs the question, will I just keep GReader and Buzz, now that they are slowly merging?

I don’t know. I like keeping things separate. Google has a way of merging services that is somewhat annoying, especially for people working in technology. I don’t want to be reached all of the time, and having all of these ways of commenting and reading stuff is sometimes just time wasted.

I use GReader as a tool. Twitter is also fun, much more for personal stuff, than my blog posts and comments. I guess time will tell, but the general buzz is good for Buzz.

Passive Aggressive WiFi: Let Others Know What’s Wrong

020310passiveaggressive.jpgWiFi networks have become pretty standard nowadays and it’s quite common for people to try and steal or “borrow” your signal if you haven’t protected your home network with a password. That’s not all: you can easily pass on some messages to your more annoying neighbors anonymously.

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How to Access Your Home Files From Anywhere

092109_rg_nashowto_01.jpgIt’s becoming easier and easier to just store your files in the cloud. By cloud, we mean online. For example, a lot of people are now using Google Docs as an easy way to store their files. This makes them accessible via any internet connection and saves the hassle of always keeping your files backed up and up to date.

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Sherwood’s Wireless AV Receiver:Powered by WiFi

091109_rg_sherwoodAVR_01.jpgUnless you’ve plugged in a computer into your HDTV, you might still need a way to connect your internet with your fancy new screen. Some HDTVs are coming with built-in ways of accessing Netflix and other service providers, but how about the rest of you? Sherwood has got a solution and it actually involves no wires, so that’s pretty cool.

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SXSW: Mark Zuckerberg Keynote

Tamar edits his liveblog of SXSW Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook) Keynote address.