Tokyoflash Kisai Neutron Watch: It’s Cylon Time!

Who doesn’t like having a watch that looks like it’s from the future? Well I sure would like to have one, and I have to say that the Kisai Neutron from Tokyoflash would be perfect for humans and Cylons alike.

tokyoflash kisai neutron watch

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Proposed Thorium Neutron-Based Clock Would be Accurate for Billions of Years

An ultra-high vacuum chamber houses an ion trap where single thorium atoms are suspended and laser-cooled to near absolute zero temperature. (Alexander Radnaev)

Scientists are proposing the building of a hyper-accurate nuclear clock that would lose only one-tenth of a second over 14 billion years, the current age of the universe. This design would be 100 times more accurate than atomic clocks available today and could be used in applications such as high-precision GPS satellites, and experiments that probe the fundamentals of physics and relativity.

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Ultracold Neutrons Could Escape to Another Braneworld


While it might sound like science-fiction, the idea that the Universe is embedded in a broader multidimensional space is something that cosmologists have been pondering. The cosmos might exist in parallel with outer universes in other sets of dimensions. These universes are called braneworlds. If this is an accurate description of what’s happening, then the Universe could end up inside another one.

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