Guerilla Beekeepers in New York City

Beekeeping is illegal in NYC. That hasn’t stopped bee enthusiasts from keeping bees. I think that it’s a fabulous idea, especially in the wake of the collapsing colony disorder that has been plaguing the world.

The Boys And The Subway

A charming story told by Christoph Niemann illustrated over at the NYT. He tells how his two boys are in love with the NYC subway system. The illustrations are really good too.

Apple Vs Apple

Apple: all apples are our trademark. NYC: Bite me fanboys.

What’s The Frequency Kenneth?

With the new album Accelerate of R.E.M. having just been released, my thoughts immediately focused on the 1994 song “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” and CBS newscaster Dan Rather. I didn’t know that back in 2001, Harper’s Magazine solved the riddle that has existed since that fateful night in 1986.

Theresa Duncan And Jeremy Blake

It’s strange reading a dead person’s blog. It’s kind of creepy. There is a mystery surrounding the whole affair, which begs further investigation.

I’ve been reading Theresa Duncan’s blog The Wit of the Staircase and have been entranced by her tragic story. Actually I knew the work of her partner Jeremy Blake. Theresa Duncan apparently committed suicide on the 10th of July 2007. Her partner Jeremy Blake did the same a week later.

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