Turf War At The New York Times

Internal politicking has taken over who will control the iPad-version of the New York Times. The publishing side wants $30/month while the digital content side wants $10/month. Personally, I like having it free or not at all, thank you very much. {via typefiend}

Where Is Errol Morris?

I started reading the Errol Morris blog over at the NYT a year or so ago ― I can’t really be sure of the exact date, but his long posts and examinations are though provoking. A few days ago, I started getting all this Opinionator junk in my feed reader. What happened to Errol Morris?

The Internet Age for Families

The NYT reports on the impact that online life has on families. The breakfast table has become cluttered with Blackberries, iPhones, and laptops. People wake up and check their email first.

Having spent time offline on purpose, I no longer use Google Talk to receive email notifications. I only check my email a few times a day or when I know that I will receive something. In 2008, I was a daily Facebook user. In 2009, I spent almost 6 months off FB. Now, I log in a few times a week, mostly to accomplish tangible goals, not to check up on my friends.

My mobile is on vibrate 100% of the time and if I don’t have it on my, I don’t receive any calls. I often forget it at home while I go to work. I don’t use my phone at work. I need to be online in order to write my freelance blogs, but always checking stuff online becomes a hindrance when you can’t be online at all. I believe that we are creating a generation of scatterbrains, who always need to know and check up facts at all times instead of using their memories.

I still feel the pull of having to be online, checking my feeds in Google Reader, checking up on news, blogging and writing. I also do a lot of research online.

Captured Journalists Freed From North Korea Thanks To President Clinton

In an almost Jack Bauer-like 20-hour negotiation effort with the North Koreans, President Bill Clinton managed to get the two American journalists, who were sentenced to 12 years in a hard labor camp in June, freed. Ok, maybe he isn’t Jack Bauer since he didn’t kill anyone, but President Clinton sure has got the ultimate ninja-diplomatic negotiation skills. I couldn’t see former President Bush do anything like that!

How Different Groups Spend Their Day

A great interactive graphic from the NYT on how different groups spend their day.

John Gruber on Paywalls

John Gruber analyzes paywalls. I wouldn’t read the NYT if it was behind a paywall. Internet users expect their news to be free. If it isn’t, users will just turn to another source and the news source just lost a valuable reader.

NYT Buries Story about Secret Underground Climbing Lair

Apparently, there is a secret underground climbing lair somewhere in Brooklyn. The NYT just redacted a story they did on it. Here is the Google cache on the deleted story. Here are the reasons why they unpublished the story.

Late Daily Financial Recap 13.10.08

Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, by Pablo Martinez for AP
Treasury Secretary Henry M. Paulson and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, by Pablo Martinez for AP

US to inject $250 billion into banks. Citigroup, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo will each receive $25 billion. Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley will get $10 billion.

Asian stocks are rising sharply right now, following the American ones. But wait before you celebrate. Credit markets are opening tomorrow.

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