Miniature Video Games Need Tiny People to Play Them

Sebastian Vargas has a got a knack for miniatures, but not the usual kind of dolls or ponies. Sebastian makes playful tiny replicas of technology, like the PSP, Nintento DS, Sony Playstation, old cell phones, and DSLR cameras.

mini world playstation sebastian vargas

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Video Game Console Life Cycle: Buying Your Next One

Unlike computers, tablets and smart phones, video consoles can last you a long time. Some manufacturers have 10-year product cycles, while others tend to be more flexible. Exceptionally, some of these consoles initially cost more to produce than their initial MSRP. All of the consoles have been on the market for at least 5 years, and you’d expect them all to get ready to release their next generation gaming console.

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Girl Gamer Necklaces: Because Chicks Dig Video Games Too

When I was growing up, I loved my video games. Even though all I had was a classic NES console, it got the job done when it mattered. Nowadays, both boys and girls love video games. Couples and friends, no matter what the gender, play video games together. This is why you can now give these cute necklaces to your significant other, who also loves video games.

girl gamer necklace deadl pretty designs xbox 360 nintendo ds

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Minecraft Zelda: A Link to the Voxel

This fan-created Zelda version of Minecraft looks a lot of fun. You’ll be able to explore Hyrule in all its 8-bit glory. If you can’t wait for the next version of the Legend of Zelda, then check out this neat game.

minecraft video game zelda 8-bit adventure retro

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3DS Augmented Reality Tattoo: Forever on His Forearm

A guy going by the name CBZ decided promptly when he got himself a Nintendo 3DS last week that the first thing he needed to do was to run out and get himself an augmented reality tattoo. I’m kind of amazed that he went through the whole thing, but it’s something that you’ll have to judge for yourself.

augmented reality nintendo 3ds tattoo cbz mii

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Wii 2 Controller to Have 6.2-inch Touchscreen?

Rumors are flying that a new console from Nintendo will ship in the fall. According to various sources, Wii 2, Wii HD or “Project Cafe” as it’s known by insiders, will have one incredible controller/remote. While I don’t know how accurate this IGN mockup is, the idea of a 6.2-inch diagonal touchscreen with 8 buttons is certainly intriguing.


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Duck Hunt Art Classes Up Your (D)Pad

While I personally wasn’t that into Duck Hunt, the classic shooting game on the 8-bit Nintendo Entertainment System, I have to say that this piece of art that combines pixel art with traditional art is lots of fun.

retro dpad etsy duck hunt nes nintendo mega man art pixel

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French Dude Plays Mario Kart in Real Life

Haven’t you always wanted to play Mario Kart in real life? French humorist Rémi Gaillard actually played Super Mario Kart for real, by driving a real go-cart through city traffic while he was disguised as Mario.

super mario cart remi gaillard in real life french humorist video

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The Great Gatsby: Now Available on NES!

The Great Gatsby isn’t just a famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, it’s also a NES game! Thanks to Charlie Hoey you can now play this retro game right on this website.

the great gatsby nes game retro flash japan

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Super Mario Bros. Cake Celebrates 25 Years of Mario

Nintendo just revealed this awesome Super Mario Bros. cake during the game’s 25th anniversary celebration in New York. I can say that this is the perfect way to celebrate all those years of playing Mario games in their different incarnations over the years.

super mario bros cake shigeru miyamoto video games

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