Stealthbot: The Sam Fisher of Robots

There are plenty of robots roaming around these days, but researchers have developed a robot that is designed to be the sneakiest robot out there. It uses background noises to mask its actual presence, which is pretty amazing.

sneaky csiro robot

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5 Ways to Silence Your iPhone, But Stay Connected

092812-shhhh.jpgOne of the best new features of Apple’s iOS 6 that came out last week is the Do Not Disturb function. Admittedly, with enough practice and fiddling, you can get the same result without this option, but the ease of toggling it on, coupled with the available options is welcomed. Here’s a quick exploration of some different options you have to keep your phone from disturbing you.

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Able Planet Noise-Canceling Headphones


Anyone who has an iPod or any other MP3 players lusts after noise-canceling headphones. The trouble is that they are very expensive. The top of the line in-ear headphones from Shure cost a whopping $500, more than the most expensive iPod. Thankfully, this technology is becoming more and more affordable.

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