Nokia 105 Dumbphone Lasts 35 Days on a Single Charge

There are many reasons why people love their smartphones. They provide a seamless blend of communication and computing, are easy to use, and always with you. However, there are times when simple cell phones are still useful, especially when it comes to battery life.

nokia 105 cell phone

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HTC 8X: Nokia Lumia 920 Doppelganger?

It looks like all the big companies now have got an 8 megapixel camera in their smartphones, and although I’ve had one for almost a year on my iPhone, I am somewhat disappointed that no one has released a smartphone with a better camera, except that PureView craziness Nokia released. Nevertheless, HTC comes right back at Nokia with their own brightly-colored Windows 8 Phone, complete with 8MP camera.

htc 8x smartphone windows 8

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Nokia Lumia 920: A Bigger and Better Windows Phone?

Unless you’ve been living in a cabin somewhere near a lake or in the woods, you’ve probably heard about Nokia’s Lumia smartphones. The previous models were pretty good, but Nokia’s upped the ante with the Lumia 920, a week or so before the iPhone 5 is set to be announced.

nokia lumia 920 smartphone

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LEGO Dock for Nokia Lumia 900 Lets You Safely Brick Your Phone

The cyan-framed Nokia Lumia 900 is a cool looking phone, but it’s not perfect. While it’s not that expensive, and the OS is pretty sweet, it definitely could use a nice charging dock. Check out this LEGO beauty which was constructed by Baris Eris.

lego nokia lumia 900 charging dock

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Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE Windows Phone Enters the Smartphone Wars

While hardware is important when deciding on your next smartphone, the OS and apps also have a lot do to with it. This is one thing that Apple understood well with the iPhone, as has Android. The new Nokia Lumia 900 smartphone looks gorgeous, and runs the latest version of the Windows Phone OS. But will its looks and 4G LTE connectivity be enough to make it a true contender in the smartphone wars, given the relatively small impact Windows Phone has had on the market to date?

Nokia Lumia 900 02

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Nokia Lumia 800: The Windows iPhone

Nokia has officially announced its new Lumia 800 Windows smartphone, which will cater to people who just don’t want an iPhone but would like some of its style and features, but prefer the Windows Phone OS.

nokia lumia 800 smartphone iphone windows

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Nokia Play 360 NFC Portable Speaker: Bump to Play

This nifty new portable speaker from Nokia was launched along with their N9 smartphone, and the Nokia Play 360° can start play immediately once it’s ‘bumped’ by NFC-enabled devices (Near Field Communications). It also works with Bluetooth and the name comes from its 360-degree omni-directional sound.

nokia nef play 360 speaker bluetooth portable audio

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Nokia N9 Smartphone: iPhone Killer, or Just Killer Looks?

Nokia just introduced their new N9 in Singapore and frankly, it looks gorgeous. It’s got a glass display that features no buttons on the face at all. You’ll find a few on the side though, but the device sets itself apart thanks to its bright 3.9-inch, 854×480 resolution AMOLED screen and stylish case.

nokia n9 smartphone amoled meego iphone

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Observatinal States by Jan Chipchase

Jan Chipcase in Lhasa
Jan Chipcase in Lhasa

Love the blue in this pic. Also, love the details in the building bricks. Really nice.

Nokia Aeon: The IPhone Nano You’ve Always Wanted

The Nokia Aeon is designed by Mac Funamizu and showcases some interesting features. For one thing, the whole front side is a screen, most probably an OLED screen or e-ink. So naturally, the whole surface is a touchscreen. The shape is also different. It’s shaped like an iPod Nano and we’ve heard that this sized is optimized. Read on to find out more.